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Mushroom Hunters find Terry Chasteen Body, April 28, 1979

Steven Judy Victims



Terry started about her normal day driving her three children to a baby-sitter's before work. While driving on Interstate 465 she noticed the driver of a construction motor vehicle (Steven Judy) motion in the direction of her car. Little did she know that by pulling over; she had sealed the fate of herself and her 3 children.

On April 28, 1979 mushroom hunters found the body of Terry Lee Chasteen in White Lick Creek. During a police search the bodies of the 3 children were found downstream.

Steven Judy was convicted of raping and murdering Terry Lee Chasteen' by strangulation. Her 3 children; Misty Ann (age 5), Steve (age 4) and Mark (age 2) were also died by drowning. Judy tossed them downstream to drown.

Steven Judy was arrested for the murders within hours of the discovery. Judy never showed any remorse for what he had done up until the day he died. During the trial he told the jury that if he was released he would kill again. Judy had been a lifetime criminal. He was arrested at 13 for attempting to rape and murder a woman in Indianapolis. He had also committed several other minor crimes and robberies.

Judy was found guilty of four counts of first-degree murder, and was executed by electric chair on March 9, 1981.

According to witnesses; Judy stated before his execution day that, ‘I don’t hold no grudges. This is my doing. I’m sorry it happened.’