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Murder Princess

Murder Princess, anime, dark


Meet Alita Forland, the second child to King Forland. Her story begins with the facing of Dr. Akamashi who originally launched a rebellion against the king, thus having him killed. Alita flees from the castle and into the forest, where she falls off a cliff and onto Falis, a female bounty hunter known for her quick swordsmanship and quick temper. This causes the two to switch souls, and it is after Alita discovers this fact that she begs Falis to protect the kingdom, thus making Falis into Alita and Alita into the granddaughter of Jodo, thus calling herself Milano.

Murder Princess is a fast paced, action anime mixing with old technology with new technology, such as the cyborgs Dominikov, Pete Armstrong, Ana, and Yuna. Futher, it combines technology with magic as one sees with the sorceress Cecilia who uses magic to make herself young.

The story goes with the rebellion caused by Dr. Akamashi and his cyborgs Ana and Yuna who quickly make it known that Dr. Akamashi is now king because Prince Kaito is away and Alita has fled for her life. But Alita hasn't given up hope, thus gaining Falis' help.

Because Falis is in Alita's body, it is quite easy for them to fool the doctor and his cyborgs, and easily enough the rest of the palace. But Jono is the only one suspicious of the whole matter, knowing that Alita is a sweet tempered, shy young woman, while this new Alita is bad tempered and unafraid to use a sword.

Falis through pretending to be Alita wins back the kingdom for the Forland empire, but must continue on remaining as the "Princess."

But for Falis and Alita this will not be easy. Particularly when Prince Kaito returns. With Kaito's return and becoming the annointed king, friendships are
tested, and betrayals are met while sides switch.

This anime was a delight to see with its mixture of fast pace cinematography that kept in time to the storyline. The voice acting wasn't too bad, but some didn't seem to fit the characters, such as Dominikov's voice. Dominikov seems to be a Russian name, and thus the character's voice would have been more believable if it had been with a Russian accent.

The anime was also very short at only six episodes, which left more of a questioning of what ifs and whys. Thus, the ending was far too abrupt and could have been expanded at least to ten to fifteen episodes. This would have allowed more of the plot to unfold and thus enough to leave the viewer more satisfied.


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