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Munchies brings beef, burgers, and gyros to Yorkville’s west side

Eric McLear

Munchies in Yorkville, IL


The popularity of specific menu offerings indigenous to the Chicago-land region is evidenced in the success of restaurants that offer such culinary specialties. It is readily apparent that items like Italian Beef sandwiches, gyros, and Chicago Style hot dogs are a go-to, sure-fire, can’t-miss choice at a wide variety of restaurants throughout the area. The really successful restaurants understand that there is good reason these items are so popular, and they know how to capitalize on making great Italian Beef, gyros, hot dogs, and other related offerings by doing it right and using quality ingredients. Munchies on Yorkville’s west side is just one of those establishments.
Munchies features a full selection of some of the best in Chicago-land cuisine. From well-seasoned, perfectly trimmed gyros, fresh Italian Beef, and cooked just right, crispy on the outside soft on the inside french fries, Munchies can certainly satisfy cravings for some of the best Chicago cuisine has to offer.
The menu features burgers, gyros and beef, hot dogs, chicken and seafood, and standard appetizers as well as some interesting salad choices. Burgers range from around $4 to $6 for the triple cheeseburger. Gyros, available as a single sandwich on a Pita, or as a plate with all the fixings to accompany it range from about $5 to $9. The Italian Beef is standard or comes in an Italian Sausage combo for between $4 to $6. Hot dogs start around $2 all the way to $3 for the chili cheese dog. There is also grilled or crispy chicken sandwiches, hot or barbeque wings, fish sandwiches, and a shrimp basket. Prices range from $4 for the grilled chicken, $6 for the shrimp basket, or $10 for a dozen hot wings. There are also Greek, Garden, Caesar, and Oriental chicken salads available for $5 to $6. Standard appetizers include fries, mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and a pizza puff all for between $2 to $4. A Kid’s Menu is also available with several items all for around $4.
Munchies’ commitment to quality is evidenced in the clean facility and friendly service. Hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday. The dining area is clean and large enough to accommodate a sizeable lunch crowd, and carry-out is also available. Catering and delivery are options with specific requirements; best to call for details. Munchies is located on Route 34 (Veterans) and Sycamore Road. The address is 1559 Sycamore Road, and the phone number is (630) 385-2755. Cash and credit cards are accepted. Call for more information or click here.