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Muffin Crave with Garden Lites Veggie Muffins

Zucchini chocolate muffins tastes as good as it looks
Zucchini chocolate muffins tastes as good as it looks

Garden lites Veggie Muffins


We’ve become a fan of the mini muffin. In fact, we crave them. Garden Lites new Veggie Muffins are amazingly delicious, low in calorie, an excellent source of fiber and are made with fresh vegetables like zucchini, corn, berries and carrot. What's not to crave?

Craving Garden Lites Banana chip muffins

At 120 calories a pop and 5 grams of fiber, these mini muffins are filling and for real. In the morning, we staved off our hunger for a good 3 hours!

Choose from 5 varieties of Veggie Muffins: banana chocolate chip, zucchini chocolate, blueberry oat, carrot berry and golden corn. Each individual Garden Lites muffin tastes fresh, has a mildly sweet flavor and a light, spongy texture with real bits of healthy vegetables that give the muffins a good, not strange mouth-feel that kids will love and parents will approve.

· Perfect for breakfast, snacks or dessert

· Individually wrapped, 2 ounces of guilt-free goodness with 3 g. of protein

· Gluten free, dairy free, nut free

· Kosher, all natural

· 3 Weight Watchers Points each

· Great for school lunches- Kid friendly flavors and textures

· Great to pack in purse for a quick, healthy snack fix

Find Veggie Muffins in the freezer section in your favorite Long Island grocery store such as Target, Foodtown Whole Foods and Stop & Shop for about $3.99.

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