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MTV Video Music Awards 2012 review

2012 MTV Video Music Awards


If you were born after 1994, chances are you tuned in to MTV's 2012 Video Music Awards last night. For those of you born after 1980, a lingering curiosity may have led your remotes to switch over and see if 2012 was the year that the VMA's made like Stella and finally 'got their groove back'. For those born prior to 1980, chances are you have a child in the first age group that made you watch. Regardless of the reason or your thoughts on the evolution of Music Television, the show provided several memorable moments which has compiled into a convenient series of videos.

MTV Video Music Awards

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wrapped up the show with a performance of her new single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. The performance characterized the quirkiness of the video. Taylor even had her band wear their woodlands animal costumes from the video. Near the end of the performance, she led the audience in a sing-a-long that sounded quite deafening. Hats off to the MTV editing crew for throwing a perfectly timed camera cut to Taylor Lautner as Swift sang the title lyric, "we are never ever ever getting back together".

One Direction

One Direction delivered a crowd pleasing performance. Tween girls were practically melting as different members of the group walked by, whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Their performance was decent, but lacked the memorable aspect of other artists (i.e. Taylor Swfit's animals, Pink's dancing lips, etc)

Cast Breaking Dawn intro

Most of the cast of the Twilight Saga took the stage to introduce an exclusive clip from Breaking Dawn pt. 2. Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner did all the talking. Pattinson did most of the talking and came across a little awkward. Noticeably missing: Kristen Stewart.

Breaking dawn preview

Check out the short clip which puts together scenes from previously released trailers. Very exclusive.

Rhianna ft. ASAP Rocky

Rhianna brings back the raunch with her performance. She does a combination of Cockiness and We Found Love. The light show was interesting. Sometimes, however, an artist can go too big with a performance. A few years ago, Rhianna was supposed to headline a show sponsored by local radio station 106.1 KISS FM. She was injured and moved to the next to last performance slot. Rhianna performed from a stool, with a boot on, holding an umbrella. That performance blew her VMA performance out of the water. Greatness sometimes comes from simplicity.


Pink started off her performance with a short rendition of Get the Party Started which led into her new hit, Blow Me (One Last Kiss). By far, this was the creepiest performance of the 2012 VMA's. Pink had large, dancing lips accompany her on stage. The lips moved and projected confetti throughout the song. The only human body parts visible were the women's legs protruding from the bottom of the large lips.This was a truly strange performance.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean made headlines two months ago by revealing his homosexuality to the public through an open letter posted to his Tumblr account. Ocean's performance was one of the more emotionally striking of the night. The set began with a large simulated fire in a makeshift campground of sorts. Ocean sat on a rock and just sang. No dance crew, no pyrotechnics, and no major gimmicks. The performance was simple, emotional, and evoked sincere emotion.

Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj

This performance wins the award for most random cameo. Nicki Minaj ends her portion of the song by calling out Gabby, as in Gabby Douglas, 2012 Women's All Around Gymnastics gold medalist. Alicia Keys then comes back into the song as Gabby does a short tumbling routine. She then struts off the stage, giving Alicia a high five on the way. Is there some link between this song and Gabby Douglas? Please comment if you know.

Overall, the 2012 VMA's were decent. They will probably never return to their heyday of the early nineties, but MTV could, and have, done worse. If you were there, or thought another moment stood out as unforgettable, sound off in the comments section below.

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