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Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin Sam Schroth crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2015

Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin Sam Schroth crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2015
Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin Sam Schroth crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2015

Ms. Wheelchair America 2015


The Hilton Hotel Long Beach was the proud home of The Ms. Wheelchair America Leadership Conference and Pageant 2015 on August 8, 2014

Family and friends gathered from across the nation to celebrate the accomplishments of these amazing women representing their state. They are "roll" models for every women who believes she an achieve her goals.

After stiff competition from the nationwide contestants, Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin Sam Schroth rolled away with the title of Ms. Wheelchair America 2015.

In May of 2013, at age 22, Sam (Samantha) suffered a spinal cord injury after a dead tree fell on her while she was at a friend’s cabin. Her goal is to teach people that a disability doesn't define someone nor hinder them.

"I hope to be able to educate a lot of people a lot of people of different age’s young kids and older individuals about people and a life with a disability. What it’s like and everything we are capable of and the issues we face and all that we bring to the table,” said Schroth.

The five finalist included:

1st Runner Up – Ms. Wheelchair Florida 2014 Stephanie Woodward

2nd Runner Up – Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts 2014 Rosa Angelica

3rd Runner Up – Ms. Wheelchair Arizona 2014 Juliet Martinez

4th Runner Up – Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2014 Kelsey Kleimola

Congratulations to ALL Contestants to rolled across their threshold of fear to compete in the

Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant 2015!!!

Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2014 – Linda Tucker

Ms. Wheelchair Arizona 2014 – Juliet Martinez

Ms. Wheelchair California 2014 – Theresa de Vera

Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2014 – Missy Weisser

Ms. Wheelchair D.C . 2014 – Kourtney Lockard

Ms. Wheelchair Florida 2014 – Stephanie Woodward

Ms. Wheelchair Illinois 2014 – Pearl Gannon

Ms. Wheelchair Indiana 2014 – Ruth Smith

Ms. Wheelchair Iowa 2014 – Michele Meadors

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2014 Brigid Schwilling

Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 2014- Bobbie James

Ms. Wheelchair Louisana 2014 – Leah Hoffpauir

Ms. Wheelchair Maryland 2014 – Shani Watson

Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts 2014 – Rosa Angelica Colon

Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2014 – Kelsey Kleimola

Ms. Wheelchair Mississippi 2014 – Chae’MonaLeasza Harris

Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2014 – Kelsey Peterson

Ms. Wheelchair New York 2014 – Jessica Patterson

Ms. Wheelchair North Carolina 2014 – Ariella Baker

Ms. Wheelchair Ohio 2014 – Elizabeth Schrack

Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma 2014 – Mary Beth Davis

Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania 2014 – Jennifer Gililand

Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2014 – Amanda Szidiropulosz

Ms. Wheelchair Texas 2014 – Laura Halvorson

Ms. Wheelchair Utah 2014 – Amanda Rhees

Ms. Wheelchair Virginia 2014 – Kanika Davis

Ms. Wheelchair Washington 2014 – Evelyna Castro

Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin 2014 – Samantha Schroth

The week long event and the Crowning was FULL of excitement. Cameras were in action capturing the memorable moments.

Ms. Wheelchair America is a program that promotes awareness of architectural and altitudinal barriers for women, and men, in wheelchairs.


Organized in 1972 by a Columbus, Ohio physician Dr. Philip K. Wood as a forum for the promotion of the achievements, as well as the needs of, people with mobility impairments, Ms. Wheelchair America recognizes the accomplishments of women who utilize wheelchairs for mobility. The non-profit program which consists of the State Coordinators and State Titleholders has grown to include programs in more than 30 states and the District of Columbia. The state programs are staffed and coordinated by volunteers dedicated to increasing public awareness so that all citizens will be afforded the opportunities to lead productive and meaningful lives.

The Mission of Ms. Wheelchair America

The mission of Ms. Wheelchair America (visit the MWA organization’s main site here) is to provide an opportunity of achievement for women who happen to be wheelchair users to successfully educate and advocate for the more than 54 million Americans living with disabilities.

Duties of Ms. Wheelchair America

As Ms. Wheelchair America, the national titleholder has numerous duties. These include promoting awareness of the need to eliminate architectural and attitudinal barriers, informing the able-bodied public of the achievements of the millions of people with disabilities across the nation, and assisting with the establishment of programs in all 50 states by promoting Ms. Wheelchair America. During her year long reign, she will have the opportunity to travel visiting advocacy groups, making public appearances and conducting radio, print ad, and TV interviews. The commitment and personal example of the titleholder serves to further the mission of Ms. Wheelchair America.

For more information:

Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant

Ms. Wheelchair America Inc.

PO Box 86

Bryon Center MI 49315

1-877-MSWHEEL (679-4335)

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