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"Mr. Irresistible" Musical Has The Perfect Package

Cindy Goldfield proves to have excellent timing and delivery in "Mr. Irresistible."
Cindy Goldfield proves to have excellent timing and delivery in "Mr. Irresistible."
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The much touted "Mr. Irresistible" opened at the under utilized Alcazar Theatre Wednesday and I must say I am very disappointed....disappointed that this totally enchanting gem is only playing through Sunday!

This is a truly a smile served on a plate and it includes something for everyone: traditional musical lovers, campy drama queens, sci-fi aficionados and murder mystery fans.

Writer/lyricist/co-choreographer D'Aarcy Drollinger proves there's more in his pretty little head that spot-on recreations of "Sex and the City's" Samantha and Lindsay Lohan. He shows this with a wonderfully inventive story of the picked up office worker whose love for romance novels turns to a reality when she is able to buy the perfect man robot to make her feel beautiful and wanted.

This is told with a salute to "Nine to Five," "The Stepford Wives" and anything campy with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Drollinger's clever dialog and hysterical lyrics make a great partner to Christopher Winslow's snappy score.

All the songs come to beautiful life by the flawless cast lead by Cindy Goldfield as our office misfit. Her expertise in physical comedy is equally balanced with her likability for her endearing nerdy character. She makes beautiful music literally with Colin Thomson who she mistakes for her special ordered "Mr. Irresistible" perfect man robot. Physically, he's not perfect but Goldfield's Eileen learns early on that Thomson's perfection may come from within.

The ensemble of office mates is also a terrific bunch of performers, each with their moment to shine.

Joe Wicht, who I haven't always liked out of drag, is a memorable annoying boss who manages to come up with expressions and tics that makes you want to see him more. Jessica Coker continues to prove that she's got a great set of pipes - and now she shows she has the cleavage to match as she and Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech and Eliza Leoni compete to steal Mr. Irresistible after making Golfield's office life a living hell.

James Arthur M. plays the queeny one in the office and although he taps into every gay stereotype, girl, he works it and easily commands the stage whenever he utters one of his gay one liners.

J. Conrad Frank as the bitchy office power hungry manager gives each line the campy sassiness that it so richly earns, turning the show into a cult like production - even though it's only playing five performances.

Then there's Steven Shear - a tough role to cast as he after all is playing the ideal man and he's just the package to pull it off. His back side isn't bad either. Seriously, he is sexy with universal appeal and is quite stunning in his ultra-tight outfit. Looks aside, he does a brilliant job playing it straight, surrounded by so many scene stealers that often times, it's his robotic delivery that actually overshadows the others.

But the real icing on the cake is the partnership of video design by Richard Neveu and the lighting design of Willburn Bonnell. The two together control the mood and spirit in the entire production and Neveu's multi-media expertise actually elevates the show, humor and every scene to a higher plateau, giving depth, richness and more than its share of belly laughs - all simply provided through clever use of video techniques. If this show was on the Broadway stage, I would see a special Tony for this progressive, brilliant work.

It's a true shame that this show was only scheduled for five performances because it is an inspiring piece of theatre. I know way too many people who will read this and say that they should get tickets. But in this cast, procrastinators will definitely lose as it closes Sunday!

So don't to "Mr. Irresistible" and get tickets now - you have three more chances!

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