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'Mr. Destiny (1990)' Movie Review: The grass is always greener

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Mr. Destiny


Larry Burrow's (James Belushi) is a 35 year old man who back in high school missed a ball. That one moment in his life has caused him to spiral out of control. Oh he has the job, the wife, the house that he was still working on but he didn't have his self worth.

One day he ends up getting fired by Niles Pender (Hart Bochner). You see Larry had found out what Niles was up and how he wanted to sell the company out from under his boss's nose. That night he was supposed to have an intimate dinner with his wife Ellen (Linda Hamilton) as it is his birthday. Ellen had contacted him and said she had to work.

Larry is driving home and stops at this Honky-tonk bar. The bartenders name is Mike (Michael Caine) and Larry simply unburdens himself to him. A few drinks later, Larry heads to his house. Once there he realizes that someone else is living in it and is asked to leave. Mike appears as a taxi driver and takes Larry to his new house. It's a mansion and he has the his ex-boss's daughter as his wife. Now Cindy (Renee Russo) was always the one that everyone wanted as their wife. She was a trophy wife so to speak.

You see something has happened and Mike is at work here. Mike is Mr. Destiny and has turned Larry's life upside down. Rather than striking out and missing that ball, he hit it and became the hero.

Now watch the rest of the film and see just how Larry's life could have been and then see which life is better. Sometimes we take for granted what we have.

Director James Orr does a wonderful job with this story The characters work well in this film and make it a wonderful movie. Jon Lovitz as Clip Metzler, Larry's childhood friend, is a laugh a minute. The chemistry among the cast is wonderful. So sit back and enjoy this film and wonder for yourself if there is something that you did in your past that if it would have been done differently would you have turned out a different person. If not then be thankful for all you have.