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Mpow® 4.2Amps 20W Dual USB Port Car Charger [Review]

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Mpow® 4.2Amps 20W Dual USB Port Car Charger


The Mpow Dual USB Port Car Charger is a very well performing car charger. The car charger itself is very light and compact. The car charger is only 3.5 inches long which to some can be short or long, depending on your previous car chargers or others out in the market. The car charger input is: 12V-24V, to which each USB port outputs 2.1A, for a total of 4.2A. It has a short circuit and overcharge protection as well. The car charger can be purchased in either black or white depending on your preference.

The car charger performs well since it is able to charge both my phone and tablet with ease and speed thanks to each USB port being able to push out 2.1A. The downside of this car charger is that it does not fit perfectly or snug enough into the socket of the car to where it might leave doubts of whether it is correctly inserted or not. However, the car charger does in fact have an indication to tell you whether or not the car charger is inserted correctly since it will light up telling you so. The loose fit of the charger to some might be bothersome, but I found myself not bothered by it much.

This car charger is a great buy if want to charge two devices at the same time and at a pretty good speed. The car charger is small and compact, and while it does seem loose when inserted into the socket of the car, it might just depend on your vehicle since this car charger might fit some vehicles better than others.