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Movie spotlight: 'Kate & Leopold' (2001), starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman

Movie: 'Kate & Leopold' (2001), starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman


“Kate & Leopold,” reviewed by Jennifer Anne Messing.

Movie: 'Kate & Leopold' (2001), starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman
Miramax Films

Comedy/Time travel/Romance. Rated PG-13 for brief, strong language. Appropriate for family viewing, with kids ages 13 and up. Check your favorite local and online movie rental stores, or the public library for availability.

“Kate & Leopold” is a one-hour, fifty-eight minute, 2001 Miramax Films release, in color, directed by James Mangold, starring Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman and Breckin Meyer. This Golden Globe award-winning time-travel drama is incredibly funny and entertaining―but with enough love interest to satisfy even the most romantic at heart.

Meg Ryan stars as Kate McCay, a quintessential 21st century career woman climbing up the corporate ladder. She lives in New York City with her younger brother, Charlie (Breckin Meyer), who is an aspiring actor. When Meg’s ex-boyfriend, Stuart (Liev Schrieber), finds a portal near the Brooklyn Bridge he is transported back in time but then returns to the present with a handsome bachelor named Leopold (Hugh Jackman) from the 19th century.

Stuart gets involved in a mishap that puts him in the hospital for several days. During this time, Meg’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that Leopold is actually a duke who is unaccustomed to modern life, and who can't be left alone for very long. Circumstances then bring Meg, Charlie and Leopold together on a whirlwind adventure in friendship and shared experiences in New York City. And it isn't very long before cynical Meg and trustworthy Leopold also come to discover that true love, chivalry and honor are timeless and relevant across the centuries.

“Kate & Leopold” is a well-produced modern film that's woven with traditional values. The dialogue is witty and engaging. Meg Ryan is convincing in her portrayal of an ambitious, business-minded woman, and Hugh Jackman is perfectly cast as the lovable Duke of Albany. This is a charming romantic-comedy movie the whole family can enjoy!

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"Kate & Leopold" makes a great addition to your family movie collection!

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