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Movie review: ‘Wolf Creek 2’ is the same old sadistic song and dance

Wolf Creek 2


Eight years after the world was introduced to Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), the sadistic, serial killer from the Outback returns for “Wolf Creek 2.” The film releases to VOD on Friday, April 18, and will then expand to limited theaters on May 16.

Mick Taylor is back!
Courtesy of RLJ Entertainment

This time around, Mick is the central character of the story, and the tourists are the evildoers. At least that’s how director Greg McLean makes the film. Several foreigners come through, and they all get killed by Mick. We don’t spend much time with them, and therefore, we don’t care for any of them.

Even when the main protagonist, Paul (Ryan Corr), finally makes an appearance after the film’s first 40 minutes, the audience is left bored. By that time, “Wolf Creek 2” has already established itself as a spotlight show for Mick Taylor, and it doesn’t want to bother with anything else.

Like the first film, “Wolf Creek 2” is just a display of torture and violence that seemed like it was fun to make. But for the audience that has to watch it, it’s a disgusting bore that slowly takes its time to reach the end.

But Jarratt shows that he is having an absolute blast playing this psychotic character. And he is certainly more charismatic this time around. But it becomes a little over the top as the minutes progress, and there comes a time where you’ll expect to see Taz from “Looney Toons” spinning around somewhere.

Paul and Mick engage in a strange rendition of “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport”; Mick challenges Paul to a question-and-answer session about Australia; and Mick chases after Paul in a semi-truck – whilst a herd of CGI kangaroos run across the road. None of it is really scary or intense in any way, shape, or form.

In his review of “Wolf Creek,” Roger Ebert slammed it for its misogynistic portrayal of killing female characters. This time, it seems McLean has his eyes set on the men, as more of them are killed. Two police officers are killed in the beginning; one guy’s head gets obliterated via sniper rifle; and a tourist gets his head severed.

One can assume that McLean read Ebert’s review, and he decided to switch the gender of most of the victims. But that still doesn’t make “Wolf Creek 2” a fun watch.

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