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Movie review: ‘Way of the Wicked’ is a predictable thriller

'Way of the Wicked'
'Way of the Wicked'
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Way of the Wicked


Way of the Wicked” is a psychological thriller that follows the worn out trails of every other psychological thriller.

The movie begins with a few youngsters getting into a fight, and one of them dies. The other never laid a finger on him, though, but he still has to move – since all the blame went toward him. Five years later, 17-year-old Robbie (Jake Croker) returns to his school. People begin dying, and the blame goes toward him, because of the prior incident.

Father Henry (Christian Slater) and Officer John Elliott (Vinnie Jones) investigate the murders, but they can’t seem to reach a conclusion together. However, Henry believes Robbie might have some powers, and is the reason that people are dying.

While Slater is featured on the cover of the Blu-ray, he’s hardly in the film. And when he appears, he’s creeping in a corner somewhere – watching Robbie and seeing if something will happen. Jones is portrayed as a workaholic and an alcoholic, and his daughter, Heather (Emily Tennant) tries to fend off the high school jock and is curious about Robbie’s return.

It’s all been there, done that, and there is not a moment where the viewer will be shocked or surprised. Not even the twist ending is unexpected, and it becomes a bit too implausible with the way it’s handled.

It’s hard to find a connection to both Croker and Slater, when both of their characters are one-dimensional figures. Jones has some conviction, but there isn’t too much detail behind his character for the audience to care.

The score is an annoying mess, and some of the editing is sloppily put together, especially when it tries to create psychedelic visions. And while there are plenty of better things to do than watch “Way of the Wicked,” it’s not the worst thing to come across.

Blu-ray features:

Aside from a few trailers for films like "Odd Thomas" and "The Colony," there are no special features on the Blu-ray.