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Movie review: Timecrimes

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Movie review: Timecrimes


Hector and his wife Clara have just moved into a new house and while sitting on the back lawn Hector sees a woman in the woods who appears distraught. When he investigates he finds her dead and naked and then suddenly a man with a pink bandage on his face is trying to kill him. Fleeing from the man, Hector finds himself at a research facility where he ends up hiding in a time machine which transports him a few hours into the past. But when Hector meets himself, has this all happened before?

Karra Elejalde (Hector), Candela Fernandez (Clara), Barbara Goenaga (Biker), Nacho Vigalondo (scientist, writer, director).

Streamed from N-flix, this one had a few problems. Subtitled in English, about halfway through the audio cut out completely. Then you get clicking for a while before the audio resumes but then the audio is lagging the video by about 5 minutes. Though I was hating the subtitles at the beginning I was hooked on the movie by the time the audio went schizo and they were they only thing that allowed me to finish the film.

Despite the problems, this was a very good time travel film. The plot started out very confusing then started to make some sense before creating a wonderful time paradox. The film begs for you to try and solve the problem before it is over. And just when it makes sense, things fall apart again. Loved the plot!

This was obviously a lower budget film with mediocre sets, minimal background, costuming, or special effects.

Acting was also not that great but, the plot completely carries the movie and makes up for everything else.

If you are a time travel fan you will probably enjoy this one a lot as it explores the problems with linear time concepts and the time travel paradox very nicely. Surprisingly, the plot had very few holes and came across as quite plausible.

Nudity and some foul language so save this one for adults. I would recommend disc viewing rather than streaming to avoid the audio problems and to have the possibility for English dubbing.

Released: 2007
Reviewed: 2.12.14
Star rating: 3 out of 5
Genre: Foreign, Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Spain, Foreign Thrillers, Spanish Language

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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