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Movie Review: The Best Offer

DVD Movie: The Best Offer


The movie, The Best Offer, starring Geoffrey Rush, Sylvia Hoeks, Jim Sturgess, Donald Sutherland and Dermot Crowley depicts a successful auctioneer working at London’s prestigious auction house who come to grips falling in love with a mysterious woman. Director Giuseppe Tornatore bring audiences into the high class and exclusive world of Virgil Oldman, played by G. Rush, an expert appraiser and collector of rare artworks. Priding himself on his shrewdness and knowledge of ancient paintings, enjoys the finer things in life in solitaire. While living alone collects exotic portraits of beautiful women surrounding every corner of his secret chamber. At the top of his auction game, Vigil lives a rich and demanding life until a strange phone call offers a worthy collection of artifacts that will mark a pinnacle to his career.

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Virgil, hesitant to meet Claire, played by S. Hoeks, finds himself in an almost abandon chateau in London. Lambert, the caretaker, played by D. Crowley, introduces himself and the home of Claire who has decided to sell all of the family’s collection of artwork and precious relics on auction block. Seeing the vastness of fortune this will make, Virgil agrees to completely supervise the transference onto the auction house. Despite his better judgement, works with Claire, who does not reveal herself to anyone. Virgil soon discovers Claire suffers from Anthrophobia, a fear of meeting people and thus begins a love/hate relationship that eventually becomes more than Virgil has ever anticipated. Like one of his cherished painted portrait, decides to help Claire out from her imprisonment begins to fall in love with her. All the while, Robert, played by J. Sturgess, assembles mechanical pieces Virgil has discovered throughout the house and believes it is the clockwork man made centuries ago.

The climax of the movie comes as Virgil drives to Claire’s chateau and is beaten and robbed by a group of hoodlums. He calls out Claire for help and with all of her strength comes to his aid and rescues him. After many months of preparation, Claire’s catalog is finished containing all of her artwork registered and ready to be auctioned off. Virgil announces his retirement among friends and Claire and will be spending the rest of his days with her as his wife.

Knowing Geoffrey Rush, who offered a stunning performance in this movie, portrays how a successful man with an obsession with material things can make one vulnerable. Sylvia Hoeks character Claire brought breath to Virgil’s life while enticing him to love her despite her condition. But unlike his paintings, Claire was something Virgil should have never pursue. Overall I found this movie very entertaining and give it 9 out of 10. Currently available on DVD and is rated R.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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