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Movie Review: The Artist and the Model

Movie: The Artist and the Model


Fernando Trueba, movie director of The Artist and the Model, brings a loving tale of an artist named Marc Cross, played by Jean Rochefort, nearing the end of his life reflect on personal accomplishments and past romances and realize there nothing to reminisce until he meets a beautiful innocent model Merce, played by Aida Folch. As Merce slowly becomes one of Marc’s most interesting and supple models, she reignites a buried passion for life and sculpting.

Marc look at his Master piece along with Merce, the model
Cohen Media Group

The movie opens Marc is enjoying the day walking through the beautiful French countryside of his hometown. As the Nazi army occupy France, he stares at the beautiful women passing by as he sips his drink. His wife makes arrangements to have a young female model, named Marce, to pose for Marc who has been sculpting all of his life. Marc soon discovers Merce is part of a political party whose against Germany's occupation of France and helps fellow resistor escape to Spain. Marc reluctantly agrees to harbor a fugitive in his chateau while he recovers from his wounds. During a modeling session Marc begins expressing his dissatisfaction with fugitive named Pierre, played by Martin Gamet, hiding on his property and with her. Sensing Marc’s disapproval of the situation, Merce begins to pose so innocently Marc becomes aware it is the position he has been wanting to sculpt all of his life and becomes his crowning achievement.

I found this movie has many breathtaking french countryside scenes. Produced by Cohen Media Group, though movie was filmed entirely in Black and White, one could almost see colored landscapes and valleys during certain parts of the film. The sexual communication between Marc and Merce was most tender and touching especially as she takes her hands and begins to sculpt his old, weathered face into memory. A very compelling film that reveal how sculptors must be amorous in everything they create. The Artist and the Model is currently available on DVD and on Blu Ray.

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