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Movie Review: SWERVE

Movie review of SWERVE


An ageless aphorism tells of, “Nice guys finish Last.” Though some may argue whether this is true or not, the movie, SWERVE, test the boundaries. Writer and Director Craig Lahiff brings this twisted tale of greed, jealousy and murder when an ordinary man offers assistance during a car accident that becomes more than this good samaritan ever bargained for.

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Set in the outskirts of Australia's outbacks, a drug exchange gone bad allows the dealer to leave with briefcase full of money and makes his way into Neverest. Unfortunately Karma has a funny way of returning to those who do harm and is killed while driving to the town. Colin, played by David Lyons, is witnessed to an auto accident that leaves the drug dealer dead and shakes the nerves the wife of town’s sheriff, Jeni, played by Emma Booth. Colin escorts Jeni back home then takes a briefcase to the Police station and meets Jeni’s husband, Sheriff Frank, played by Jason Clarke.

Frank extends his generosity and offers Colin a place to stay while his car is being repaired. Leaving the two alone, Frank retrieves the money from the police station and concocts a plan leave town and start a new life with Jeni. In the meantime, Jeni confesses she a battered wife who saw an opportunity to leave Frank for good until the auto accident stopped it. But the real threat begins when the drug dealer’s partner discovers the money is now in Sheriff’s possession and will stop at nothing to retrieve it back. Colin soon discovers his good intentions help someone has gone horribly awry.

I found the movie very entertaining especially how the screenwriter, Craig Lahiff, keeps audiences wondering whether Jeni is an innocent wife trapped in abusive marriage or a woman so so desperate to leave Frank once and for all will do anything and use anyone to reach her goal. Great performances by Jason Clarke, Emma Booth and David Lyons and a good movie to buy for entertaining oneself or guests. Produce by Duo Art Production and distributed by Cohen Media and A-Films Entertainment, SWERVE is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.Has adult themes and brief nudity - For mature audiences only.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

This article is dedicated to Craig Lahiff who pasted away February 2014. Gone but never forgotten.

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