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Movie Review: 'Serve & Protect' a hint at how hilarious 'Ride Along' is

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If moviegoers need a hint at how hilarious "Ride Along" will be, watch the Comedy Central special "Kevin Hart: Serve & Protect." That about sums it up.

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For every scowl from rapper Ice Cube, there's a "What happened?" look on comedian Kevin Hart's face in the cop comedy.

Ben Barber (played by Hart) has just gotten accepted to the police academy, but before he can handle that task, he wants his girlfriend's brother James Payton (played by Ice Cube) to give him the blessing to marry his girlfriend Angela Payton (played by Tika Sumpter).

The problem is James, who is already a cop, is disgusted by all things Ben Barber. To try to scare him out of being a cop and marrying his sister, he decided to take him on a ride along on a "126," which brings about some of the most foolish cop "crimes" ever. Problem is once Ben figures out that some of the "crimes" are jokes, he can't decipher between real criminals and fake criminals. And in usual Kevin Hart form, he decides to show out at all the wrong times even when James lets him know he's not playing anymore.

There's no way to describe Kevin Hart's comedy. It's a mix of watching him threaten children, fly through the air, try to operate a gun, make faces, stand up against Omar (played by Laurence Fishburne), call Sumpter's character "Bouncy Butt," fight his way through a honey battle with Crazy Cody (played by Gary Owen), define why he's nicknamed himself Black Hammer and more. But you have to see it to giggle about it.

If you enjoyed the Comedy Central special, there's 100 percent you'll enjoy this flick. If not, rent a sense of humor. It'll make life so much more pleasurable.

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