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Movie review: Seed

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Movie review: Seed


The law says that after the third unsuccessful attempt at electrocuting someone they must be set free. Rather than let that happen, serial killer Max Seed was buried alive, only to escape his grave and seek revenge.

Michael Pare (Det. Matt Bishop), Will Sanderson (Max Seed), Ralf Moeller (Warden Calgrove), Jodelle Ferland (Emily Bishop), Thea Gill (Sandra Bishop).

There is a warning about graphic material at the beginning of this film, take it seriously. Real footage of animal torture starts the film and it was more than mildly disturbing. After that we are treated to scenes of death and decomposing bodies, human and animal, as plot and character development continues. As the story is refined and we settle into the plot, there are numerous graphic depictions of murder and violence as Detective Bishop realizes Seed has escaped and must be hunted down. But Seed is hunting Bishop as well and as he closes in the plot takes some incredible twists while the violence grows increasingly graphic.

Sanderson doesn’t say a word in this film and you never see his face, yet he did a wonderful job in the role. Pare, not one of my favorites, also did a great job as did Calgrove, Ferland, and Gill.

As rough as the camera work was in this film, shaky camera and way to dark shots, the emotional impact of the movie was impressive. Uwe Boll mentions wanting to make a statement about humanity in the opening warning and I would say he nailed it completely. This film is entertaining but at the same time it is more than mildly disturbing. Half a step away from being a snuff-film, depictions of violence and torture were intense and when mixed with the emotional connection to the characters the overall effect of the film was wonderful. I literally sat staring at a blank screen for several minutes after the film ended.

This is not a high quality film, or even big budget, but it is extremely well done apparently intending to be rough and shocking.

Not even close to being okay for younger viewers, adults only on this one. And even adults should be warned, fake scenes are extremely graphic but the real footage is truly disturbing. If you are an extreme horror fan, snuff-film fan, you will likely enjoy the impact of this film.

Released: 2007
Reviewed: 11.5.13
Star rating: 5 out of 5
Genre: Horror, Slashers, Serial Killers

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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