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Movie review: ‘Rushlights’, 1.1 out of 10, A Bumbling Bonnie & Clyde

I'm not even going to bother with a clever caption for this stinker.
I'm not even going to bother with a clever caption for this stinker.
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1.1 out of 10

Usually smaller release titles by smaller studios, many of which go straight to video, are either really great or incredibly awful. These films don’t have the budgets for big name actors or expensive equipment and dazzling special effects; but every now and then a diamond in the rough surfaces. Nowadays the average moviegoer expects more than a superficial script and a cast full of below average characters. “Rushlights” is just that and has virtually no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

“Rushlights” gave the ‘ol college try, but this film got an “F”.

Any spoilers will be clearly marked so you can avoid reading them if you so choose.

“Rushlights” is now available to rent/buy in Baltimore, but please don’t.

The Good

There were a few moments in this film that were not horrible and saved this from 0 out of 10. But, they are not even worth mentioning.

Beau Bridges was ok in his poorly written role.

The Bad


First of all, this film is completely unbelievable. It claims the story is “based on a true story” but it is hard to believe a single frame of this movie is based in reality; perhaps just the absolute basic plot idea of a young couple trying to claim some dead girl’s inheritance. The story includes a drug dealer who follows the couple across half the country. The dealer gets shot accidentally by the young couple when they drop a shotgun as they start making out. The young man was about to shoot two cops to prevent them from finding evidence – like that would help him get the inheritance. The young couple have a “Bonnie and Clyde” type of romance and crime spree – they just decided after going out a couple times and sleeping together that they would do this crime and run away with each other. And the list goes on and on of ridiculous plot points in a “real life” story.

If all that really happened, these actors and this story did nothing to help you believe it. It all just looks absurd.

The characters are absolutely horrible. Not only did I not care what happened to them, but they got so annoying that I started wishing bad things would happen just to get it all over with. Not a single one feels like a real person. They all feel like bad acting in a bad movie.

The filmmakers attempted a couple of things that, if successful, would have helped a lot. They did not come close to succeeding. The first was an emotional connection with the main female character. She is the one who was posing as the dead girl to try to collect her inheritance. Despite several scenes dedicated to providing this connection, we never feel any closer to her. The character is just so poorly written that even if Haley Webb (“The Final Destination” – review link) had managed a better performance, we still would not relate to her.

The second was adding suspense to this “thriller”. Well, I have some bad news for you filmmakers out there who may believe it, but adding suspenseful score to a film does not automatically give that effect. If you can’t pull it off, don’t even try. It will look foolish, like it does in “Rushlights”.

The Bottom Line

Reading this whole review is by far the most time you should dedicate to “Rushlights”. I apologize if it took you more than 5 minutes to read this, because the film does not even deserve that much of your time. The characters and acting are horrible. The story is superficial without an ounce of believability. I cannot fathom this being based in reality. Some really bad films are still fun to watch (cue “Sharknado”). Sadly, “Rushlights” is just torture. Run away as fast as you can.

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