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Movie review: Paranormal Whacktivity

Paranormal Whacktivity
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Movie review: Paranormal Whacktivity


Spoofing Paranormal Activity, a young couple move into a new home in hopes of consummating their relationship only to find an evil presence that interrupts their every attempt at intimacy.

William Riley (Michael), Sasha Formoso (Kasey), Amara Cash (Humppy the Clown), Mike Murga (David/Demon/Baby), Chris Pentzell (Psychic), Jeremy Walker (Tiger Woods), Damatri Crayton (Demonbuster).

Paranormal Whacktivity begins by jumping straight into the couple being filmed while strange things happen, with a heavy dose of sexual innuendo and comedy. Toss in the campy, slapstick comedy and you are left with a solid B-movie. While supernatural activity is the supposed theme, the film actually focuses more on sexual innuendo and poking fun at the actual film. The plot is thin when it does exist but we don't care since this is about laughs and sexuality.

Acting was okay if a bit rough at times. Riley and Formoso were mildly entertaining and seemed to work well together. Murga was entertaining as always. Crayton was fun and brought some good laughs while the remainder of the cast did fairly well.

Camera work, sets, and backgrounds were decent considering the genre. Effects were elementary and a bit rough at times but again, fit the genre well. Dialogue was campy throughout and barely added content to the film. Sound and soundtrack were good.

Overall Paranormal Whacktivity is a crude sexual satire with little content beyond crude humor that is often not all that funny. If you enjoy crude B-movies you will likely enjoy this one. On the other hand, if you want some depth and a plot, pass on this.

With plenty of crude sexual humor, sexual situations real and supernatural, nudity, drug use, and foul language save this one for the adults.

Released: 2013
Reviewed: 12.17.13
Star rating: 1 out of 5
Genre: Comedies, Independent Movies, Satires, Late Night Comedies, Independent Comedies

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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