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Movie Review of "The Counselor"

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The Counselor


If you like movies where the plot is muddled and all the main characters speak in parables and metaphors, you’re going to love Director Ridley Scott’s take on writer Cormac McCarthy’s book, “The Counselor.”
How can a movie that has an all star cast, which includes Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz, be so bad? I’m really not sure; I am not even sure I could explain the basis of the plot, but here goes: The Counselor (Fassbender), who has a relationship with a woman named Laura (Cruz), gets involved with a Mexican drug king called Reiner (Bardem). During discussions between Reiner and the Counselor on how a drug deal will go down, Reiner goes off on some kind of laughable diatribe on the dangers and mysteries of women. If the Counselor wasn’t confused about the drug deal before, Reiner has just closed the door on it; but the Counselor is just a little too greedy to let the deal alone. To complicate matters, Reiner’s mistress (Diaz) creeps around listening in whenever she can, and the only input that she ever offers to anyone are tales of her sexual escapades (she even feels it’s necessary to tell a priest about them). Who is this woman, and what is her deal?
Enter Brad Pitt as a character named Westray. No one knows who he is, or why he is even in the movie. The movie suggests that Westray is part of the drug deal and during his meetings with the Counselor he advises him to get out and find a place to vanish quickly; then he disappears.
The whole dialogue of the movie goes down like some secret allegory that has parables that will teach you something, but instead, is really stupid and will probably kill some of the grey matter in your brain if you try to figure it out. Thumbs down on this one. (Rated R; 117 mins.)

My Rated: 2 of 5 Bad Drug Deals.