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Movie Review of "Godzilla"

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Despite a muddled plot, and some deceptive marketing by Warner Brothers, “Godzilla” still delivers some old time monster lore, with smashing 3D technology.
The plot goes something like this (I think): In 1999, nuclear plant supervisor Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) and his wife Sandra (Juliett Binoche) are sent to Jinjira, Japan, to investigate some unstable seismic activity in the area. During the investigation there is a plant breach which results in a blast similar to the one in Chernobyl, Russia, killing Brody’s wife and a number of other plant workers. Fast forward 15 years and we find Brody still investigating the containment area of the blast. He recruits his son Ford (Aaron Taylor- Ford), a bomb specialist with the military to help him with the investigation and finds that there is not only no radiation in the area, but that a mining effort is on the way. What could they be mining for?
Never search for answers about things you might not be able to handle. A giant praying mantis-like transformer is awakened under the rubble and all hell breaks loose. The “Mutos” as it is called, is apparently feeling frisky after feeding off the radiation for many years and is now ready to mate. A logistical problem arises because “Mutos #2” is hiding out in a radiation dump in the Nevada desert, and the desired rendezvous between the two is going to lay waste to everything between Hawaii to San Francisco.
The military is trying to contain the Mutos, but they are no match for the giant bedbugs. Good thing that Godzilla does not like to be awakened while he is slumbering beneath the sea because he now has a bone to pick with the powerful mutants. (Never mess with a sleep deprived monster that snores beneath the sea.)
The movie is a lot of fun with the 3D enhanced monsters “ropin and dopin” with each other at different locations. I was disappointed that Bryan Cranston was only in the movie for about 15 minutes, which I felt was deceptive by the studio; but the real star of the show is Godzilla himself. Get a large popcorn and soda and sit back and enjoy.

My Rating: 3 of 5 Sleeping Giants.