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Movie Review of "Draft Day"

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Draft Day


For those of you who just can’t wait for the NFL draft coming up in less than a month (May 8-10), I have the perfect teaser for you: “Draft Day.” But I would also seriously suggest it if NFL draft day is what stirs your coffee, “get a life.”
Kevin Costner, who has an affinity for sports movies (“Bull Durham,” “Tin Cup,” and “Field of Dreams,” to name a few), adds “Draft Day” to his resume. Sonny Weaver Jr. (Costner) is the general manager of the hapless Cleveland Browns (I wonder where the writers came up with that) and is directing operations for his team on draft day with the seventh overall pick at hand. Weaver, whose father was a legendary coach with Cleveland, is only in his second year as GM, but is warned by the team’s owner (Frank Langella), to make a “splash” ─ now.
The Seattle Seahawks have the number one pick in the draft and are expected to take can’t miss Wisconsin quarterback Bo Callahan as a franchise building player, but when Seattle begins shopping Callahan around for future number one picks, Weaver makes a deal which basically trades away the Browns future. Weaver has made his “splash,” which pleases his owner, but infuriates the team’s coach (Denis Leary), who feels that the team’s current quarterback is the way to go. Coach Penn insist that he knows how to win because he owns a Super Bowl ring from his days with the Dallas Cowboys and that “they win ─ and win, a lot.” (I must be is some kind of time warp.)
Anyway, things just don’t seem right with Callahan and Weaver begins to wonder if he has screwed up. He begins to investigate Callahan’s background and cannot find anything, but is there some kind of intangible being missed?
The movie is great at showing the wheeling and dealing that goes on during draft day and even those who know nothing about it might be interested, but the problem with the film is that it is a little too predictable: We all know that the day will be saved and then everyone can go out and drink some beers. In real life we all know that futures drafts are uncertain successes and there are no sure things (remember Ryan Leaf). Maybe the movie would have been a little more realistic if Browns picked a bomb like they usually do and then everybody got into a good fist fight. But that wouldn’t be very uplifting ─ would it. All in all, the movie is decent, but I prefer “Tin Cup.”

My Rating 3 of 5 Draft Picks