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Movie Review of "Blue Ruin"

Blue Ruin Poster

Blue Ruin


I have been noticing a rather disturbing trend in mainline cinema theater in America: A grotesque dumbing down of movies for general release. Unless a movie contains extravagant 3D Imax special effects for superhero or futuristic films; displays extreme violence for third rate horror movies; or just plain brings us content that is geared to pre-teen hormone induced intelligence, you’re very rarely going to find a good flick. It seems to me that in order to catch a good film nowadays you have to go to your local independent theater in order to stimulate your grey cells. I am going to try to spend more time on these movies and this week’s review covers “Blue Ruin.”
Dwight (Macon Blair) is a homeless man on the eastern seaboard that spends his time like many other people of his ilk. He forages for food in the garbage; breaks and enters homes in order to shower and relax for a while; and then crashes in his old junky blue sedan (the blue ruin). Dwight appears to have had a psychotic break from society, but he will soon have a moment of clarity and purpose. The man who has killed his parents, and is in prison, is about to be released and Dwight now has a mission of revenge on his mind. He follows the man and has a violent confrontation, but has he attacked the right culprit?
After the attack, Dwight cleans up nicely and visits his sister Sam (Amy Hargreaves) who has two small children, and tells her of his revenge. Unfortunately for Dwight (and Sam), a mistake has been made and a reverse revenge is in the making.
“Blue Ruin” is a grim thriller that builds up momentum as it heads to its violent conclusion. There seems to be some type of underlying theme about gun play in America, but the bottom line is “guns kill.” The movie made me exercise my grey matter a little, and this in itself was exhilarating. I recommend the movie. (Rated R; 90 mins.)

My Rating: 3 of 5 Pot Shots