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Movie review: ‘Odd Thomas’ is dead on arrival

Odd Thomas


Grade: D+

Serving up some slop
RLJ/Image Entertainment

Odd Thomas,” which releases to limited theaters on Feb. 28, is based on the first in a series of best-selling novels by acclaimed author Dean Koontz. But don’t expect to see the other six turned into films anytime soon. Stephen Sommers’ adaptation is a sloppy, cheesy, waste of space.

Heck, if it’s such a popular series, why is the first film only getting released to VOD, DirecTV, and limited theaters? The thing cost $27 million to make. And if people love the series, one would expect that it would get a nationwide release, right? Well, it would, but legal disputes prevented that from happening.

Odd Thomas” tells the story of a boy named Odd (Anton Yelchin). No, that’s not a nickname; it’s his real name. There was some confusion at the hospital, and the parents just stuck with it. Wouldn’t you know that he grows up to be, well, odd? And he’s been given nicknames like “Oddball.” Oh, the actors show that they are forcing themselves to say the script’s lame jokes.

Odd’s a small town cook with a beautiful girlfriend, Stormy (Addison Timlin), and a sixth sense. But he’s not trying to let Bruce Willis know about it. Heck, why didn’t Willis make a cameo in this? Patton Oswalt made an unnecessary appearance.

He sees dead people, when they need help with people in the real world uncovering their murder. That seems like a pretty simple thing to do. But things can get crazy if Odd sees a thing of bodachs swarming someone. Bodachs are CG creatures that look like a poor attempt at copying something by Guillermo Del Toro. These things feed on fear, and warn of impending destruction. The more Odd sees, the crazier things will get.

Aside from Stormy, the people who know about Odd’s gift are Police Chief Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe) and his wife, who can’t find time for date night together, because Odd keeps calling in the middle of it.

“Odd Thomas” is just lousy in every department. From the lame special effects to the horrendous dialogue, this may end up on the Chico Movie Examiner’s 10 worst films of 2014 list.

Many sequences get the “Matrix” treatment for a reason that can’t be explained. Character development is nowhere to be found. And even at 96 minutes, the dreadfulness of it all slows down the film’s pace, and the viewer is left wondering when it will end.

Yelchin, who was great as Chekov in the “Star Trek” reboots, struggles to make something of his performance. Dafoe lumbers through the movie, acting like he’s in it just for the paycheck. Timlin, at least, brings some cheer to her performance, but her chemistry with Yelchin is lackluster.

“Odd Thomas” tells the audience that the dead can’t physically harm the living. One guy tries taking a swing at Odd, and his hand goes right through him. But then, when time comes for the intensity and emotions to increase, continuity gets thrown out the window. The bodachs are able to prevent Odd from going to one place, and there’s at scene at the end that won’t be given away in this review, but it can be seen coming from a distance.

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