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Movie Review: 'Obvious Child'

Jenny Slate shows off comedic chops in 'Obvious Child'
Photo by Robin Marchant

Obvious Child


Obvious Child” has been deemed the ‘comedic abortion movie’ which is selling the movie short on what it’s really about. The issue of abortion comes much later in the film, is not a comedic issue, and definitely is not what the movie’s core is about. It's about stand-up comedian Donna Stern (Jenny Slate) who jokes her way through the hardships of struggling in Brooklyn as a 20-something.

In a short time frame, Donna is dumped by her boyfriend, laid off from her bookstore job, and has a one-night stand with a sweet and strait-laced stranger, Max (Jake Lacy from the last episodes of "The Office”). Her divorced parents, though loving, don’t offer much financial support and she lives with a roommate and friend (Gaby Hoffman) who just oozes an older and wiser vibe about her, but also not with a lot of moolah.

Donna uses comedy and sarcasm to get through these trials (who doesn't) and even when she finds out she is pregnant, she uses that part in her stand-up bit as well. The movie doesn’t focus on her decision making nor on the the procedure itself too much, but more of the handling of her life, in general.

The movie runs a short 84 minutes, which is smart before the humor goes too sour. The character description of Donna mirrors that of the artsy, slightly nutty friend you had in college or better yet, mirrors the artsy nut you were in college.

Final words: Jenny Slate is funny, quick-witted, self-loathing at times, but with heart.