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Movie review: Nightmare Man

Nightmare Man
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Movie review: Nightmare Man


Ellen and William are working on having a baby and due to difficulties will try just about anything, including an African fertility mask. But soon after she gets the mask Ellen reports being attacked by the Nightmare Man. But when William decides his wife is crazy and embarks on a trip to the local mental hospital, things start happening that indicate it isn’t all in her head. And when a group of friends vacationing at a cabin are drawn into the drama the blood starts to fly.

Tiffany Shepis (Mia), Blythe Metz (Ellen), Luciano Szafir (William), James Ferris (Jack), Jack Sway (Ed), Hanna Putnam (Trinity).

This one started off pretty interesting with good character development and plot momentum. Misdirection was the main staple in this film and it did the job well, in the beginning. After about 40 minutes though, when Ellen and William become stranded in the woods, the movie jumped from decent horror to bad 80’s B-horror flick in an instant. To try and distract us from the quickly unraveling plot and general lack of quality, they tossed in Shepis taking her clothes off every chance she got and just generally acting like a spoiled tramp. When that didn’t work they threw in an idiotic villain who didn’t seem to have the intelligence to tie his shoes. Other than a few fortunate BOO moments, the movie just became annoying other than the cheers every time another character got killed and we got closer to the end of the film.

Acting was the scariest part of the film. Shepis can strip for me anytime but that is it, her acting was over the top and ridiculous. Metz was mediocre throughout with little energy or passion. And Szafir is just a bad Antonio Banderas clone, blech!

Camera work was not good with many scenes far to dark to actually see and awful editing. Sets were mediocre at best, as was sound and background. Dialogue was mixed between boring and ridiculous.

But with all of that, as it appears this was a very low budget film, they did pretty well with what they had. I have seen plenty of other films with a much better budget that weren’t half as scary. Overall, this one wasn’t worth much in my opinion but put in perspective with budget and genre, it isn’t awful.

Nudity, foul language, violence, gore, and implied sexuality so save this one for adults.

Released: 2006
Reviewed: 2.12.14
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Horror, Supernatural Horror, Psychological Thrillers, Cult Horror

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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