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Movie Review: 'Nightmare Factory' (2011)-Netflix streaming roulette

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'Nightmare Factory'


This is the tenth in a series of 'Netflix streaming roulette' reviews. Austin horror examiner Michael Taylor reviews the first horror(ish) movie off 'Netflix' streaming that he's never seen before. Wish him luck.

As any 'Walking Dead' fan knows, the gross-out zombie scenes are what keeps horror fans coming back. And chief gore architect Greg Nicotero is the primary subject in 'Nightmare Factory', a look into the makeup artists past and present that have shaped the practical effects industry in cinema.

In his late teens Nicotero worked with zombie auteur George Romero on 'Day Of The Dead', and much of 'Nightmare Factory' discusses his formative years in the 1980's horror trade, working side by side with other groundbreaking practical effects artists like Howard Berger on films like 'Evil Dead'.

It also shows the transition from a makeup dominated industry into a competition and eventual symbiotic relationship with CGI.

At times the documentary can be too self-congratulatory, but director John Carpenter gets some hilarious cranky barbs about how makeup artists can be 'divas' which keeps the subject matter grounded, and Nicotero is a likable and passionate evangelist for his chosen profession.

This includes his impassioned speech about how the use of practical effects will always have a place in the industry, even if it's dwarfed by CGI.

'Nightmare Factory' is unrated and runs 90 minutes.