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Movie review: Need For Speed: One of the best video game adaptations ever!

Need for Speed


Need for Speed is an adrenaline inducing, thrill ride for car lovers. It’s the perfect film for those who love chase scenes, hot cars, and just good old tire burning fun. The film stars Aaron Paul (The Last House on the Left), Dominic Cooper (Dead Man Down), Scott Mescudi (30 Minutes or Less), Imogen Poots (Fright Night 2011), Rami Malek (OldBoy), Ramon Rodriguez (Battle Los Angeles), Harrison Gilbertson (The Turning), and Michael Keaton (Robocop 2014).
Need For Speed is a tale of friendship, redemption, and revenge. It has a slow start but a decent storyline that lays a good foundation around the true focus of the film, the racing and car action. It’s based on the series of video games that started in 1994. The film focuses on just what it should, car action. Need For Speed delivers it in droves. NFS features the 2014 The Ford Mustang is placed on display as the feature vehicle and not since the days of the classic shows of Knight Rider, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Starsky and Hutch has a vehicle been featured in this manner. The Mustang looks great and is awesome. In a movie that is based on cars, racing, and insane driving, NFS focuses just on what it needs to keep the film simple and entertaining. It makes the Mustang the best supporting actor in the film. A great choice, its power, agility, and aggressive sounding engine will make everyone want to do a burnout or doughnuts in the parking lot as soon as the credits close.
The cinematography is used as another great aspect to enhance the film. The director makes use of multiple views just like the game that submerge you into the intensity of the scenes. NFS infuses a number of aspects from the different incarnations of the game for over the years. The film really feels like a live action version of the multiple incarnation of the franchise over the years. They include elements from titles such as NFS: Rivals, Hot Pursuit, and Most wanted to name a few.
The cast is comprised of mostly unknowns. NFS is about the cars and the casting shows that. They take a backseat to the Mustang and what it does on screen. However, the cast does mesh well together. The Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper have good chemistry and play off of one another well. Both are polarizing in their respect good guy/bad guy roles. Aaron Paul is decent in his first starring role. He doesn’t overact it. He does just enough to keep the film going in the moments when it isn’t about the cars. The other members of the supporting cast do well at blending in with the film. Scott Mescudi as Maverick does exceptionally well in his limited minutes. His timely comedy and jokes are stereotypical of his character but are extremely entertaining. It gives the film a much needed break from the seriousness.
Need For Speed will draw a number of unfair comparisons to the Fast and Furious franchise because of the nature of the film. That will be really unfair as this is a different type of movie. NFS is more of a pure car story with the actors serving as a backdrop to the car action and The “FF” series of films is the exact opposite. NFS focuses heavily on cars and car action and this film succeeds because of that. Its story is very predictable and really doesn’t offer anything that truly that this type of film hasn’t seen. However, this film isn’t about that. It truly captured the essence of the games and has great car action. As a fan of the games, NFS turned out as it should. The multiple in carnations of the games are interwoven extremely well into the film. Fans of the games will recognize a number of small aspects that are put into the movie to connect to the game. Great touch! Enjoy Need For Speed for what is, simple and straigth forward. This isn’t a must see film but its more of a pleasant surprise. If you’re heading to the movies this week and just want some fun, then fill your need with Need For Speed!