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Movie review: 'I Origins'

I Origins


I Origins” is an attempt on the part of director-writer Mike Cahill to encapsulate the debate between creation and evolution in a single film.

Ian (Michael Pitt), Karen (Brit Marling) and Kenny (Steven Yeun) are looking for an owner of a particular set of eyes in "I Origins."
Fox Searchlight Pictures

In the movie, Ian Grey (Michael Pitt) is a molecular biologist whom specializes in the evolution of the eye. As a specialist in that field, he doesn’t believe that God exists. With the help of a medical student named Karen (Brit Marling), Ian administers a series of experiments on worms in order to prove that these creatures that are born without eyes could develop eyesight under the right conditions.

Ian’s lack of faith disturbs his spiritual girlfriend Sofi (Astrid Berges-Frisbey) believes that he shouldn’t play God. In a scene that could have lifted directly from one of the “Final Destination” films, Ian loses Sofi in a freak accident. Seven years later and now married with Karen, Ian discovers something that lead him to go to another country in order to find a local girl with a familiar set of eyes.

Compared to his last film “Another Earth,” he has improved in his directorial style with his second feature by creating a beautiful look to this movie. It also helps that he has a strong actor in Pitt, who delivers a capable performance as a man who have lost and gain so much in his life that one discovery has him questioning whether or not God exists.

While Cahill does a competent job at first in establishing ideas about God vs. science and the intriguing ways in identifying through their ways, the second half of the film does everything in its power to disprove the concepts established in the first half as if the Cahill changed his mind about what he was trying to say. It is also in the second half of “I Origins” where the coincidences in the plot becomes a little too much to handle, which in turn leads to a story twist that could been seen from a thousand miles away.

“I Origins” is half of a good movie with a stunning look and a good performance from Pitt, but it suffers from an identity crisis when the plot of the film ventures from the realm of possibility into the realm of improbability.

“I Origins” is now playing at AMC Aventura 24, AMC Sunset Place 24 and Regal South Beach Stadium 18 & IMAX.

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