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Movie review: Hide and Seek (aka. Cord)

Hide and Seek (aka. Cord)
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Movie review: Hide and Seek (aka. Cord)


Helen and Frank decide to have a baby but when something goes wrong Frank, who works in a fertility clinic, performs a home abortion on Helen, which goes wrong, and she can no longer have children. Solution to the problem: Frank will stalk a client at the fertility clinic, impregnate her with his and Helen’s fertilized egg, then kidnap her so they can control development of the baby and birthing. It isn’t long before wealthy Anne comes along and the plan is sealed. With Anne chained up in the basement the couple have only to convince her husband, Jack, that she is dead which may be easier said than done as Helen becomes more and more schizophrenic and deranged.

Jennifer Tilly (Helen), Vincent Gallo (Frank), Daryl Hannah (Anne), Bruce Greenwood (Jack).

If you can believe how absolutely twisted some people are you will probably enjoy this film, otherwise I think you are going to hate it. The plot isn’t much, just a brief vehicle for guidance.

What makes this film is Jennifer Tilly’s incredible portrayal as a psychological mess. Some think she is over the top but, if she was it worked for this role perfectly. Hanna was a disappointment as usual and barely carried her role. Gallo and Greenwood did okay but again, it was Tilly who carried this film.

This isn’t a high quality, high budget film. It looks to be medium to low budget and focused on the psychology of the story. Camera work was pretty good as was sound. Sets were decent for the story being told as was costuming and special effects. Dialogue was enjoyable, with both serious moments and deranged ranting.

Overall, if you want to be spoon fed your horror, this is not the film for you. If on the other hand you can allow for the possibility of schizophrenics like Helen living in our world, and can use your brain to imagine being in Anne’s position, then you will probably enjoy this one.

Adult concepts, violent implied sex scenes, foul language, so keep this one for the oldest teens and adults.

Released: 1999
Reviewed: 2.4.14
Star rating: 2 out of 5
Genre: Thrillers, Suspense, Psychological Thrillers

copyright ©2014 Dave Riedel

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