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Movie review: Hatfields & McCoys

Hatfields & McCoys
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Movie review: Hatfields & McCoys


After serving in the Civil War together and saving each others lives, Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy return to their neighboring homes in West Virginia and Kentucky across the river. Once home however, the two find themselves at odds and tensions quickly explode into war.

Kevin Costner (Devil), Bill Paxton (Randall), Matt Barr (Johnse), Tom Berenger (Jim Vance), Powers Boothe (Valentine), Andrew Howard (Bad Frank), Jena Malone (Nancy), Sarah Parish (Levicy), Lindsay Pulsipher (Roseanna).

Hatfields & McCoys is a 3 part TV mini-series that chronicles the development of the feud between the two families, and the war between them that resulted. The series begins well with just enough background to show us the dependency and friendship built between Devil and Randall during the war. From there the series becomes something of a traditional western with the feud being the storyline. Along with the guns and blood, we get to see the love within the families and between them.

Acting was good in this series with Costner and Paxton both delivering very nicely. Both did well as their characters aged. Berenger was great as Vance, giving a quality performance throughout. Boothe also did well in his role, as did Howard and the remainder of the supporting cast.

Camera work was good while sets and backgrounds had a nice authentic feel mixed with natural backgrounds and scenery. Physical effects were good and fit the film perfectly. Dialogue was good with nice depth, emotion, and a realistic feel. Sound and soundtrack were both enjoyable.

Overall Hatfields & McCoys is a enjoyable series that does a good job of presenting the feud in a realistic manner. Although the film doesn't have a brilliant climax, neither did the true story. Those who enjoy a nice western action flick will enjoy this the most.

With plenty of violence, gore, foul language, and sexuality this one should be fine for older teens and above.

Released: 2012
Reviewed: 11.20.13
Star rating: 4 out of 5
Genre: Western, Dramas, Miniseries, TV Dramas, Dramas based on real life

copyright ©2013 Dave Riedel

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