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Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow: One of the best movies of 2014

Edge of Tomorrow


Edge of Tomorrow is a captivating, multifaceted aberration that combines a creative premise, with good acting, and great action to breathe life into one of the better science fiction stories in recent years. It’s an exciting addition to the summer of 2014 that reaffirms that sci-fi genre has returned to the forefront of film making. The movie stars Tom Cruise (Oblivion), Emily Blunt (Looper), and Bill Paxton (Haywire), Noah Taylor (Lawless), and Brendon Gleeson (The Smurfs 2)
“An unenthusiastic soldier” is thrust in the forefront of battle for mankind to withstand an alien invasion. During the battle he attains the ability to relive the day after he dies. He forges a union with a skilled soldier who aids in the battle to defeat the invaders.
At first glance, Edge of Tomorrow (EOT) appears to be just another one of those alien invasions or “space films.” The film is primarily dominated by the sci-fi genre but it’s truly a multifaceted film experience. It’s based on an ingenious premise; however the movie is far more than just your usual sci-fi shoot em up, bang, bang. The film movie has a number of elements interwoven into it that gives it mass appeal as it has the perfect balance of action, humor, and storytelling that will keep you transfixed on it and not make you want to blink. The film captivates you from the opening moments as it explains the reason for the confrontation. Not soon after the action begins and it’s nearly non-stop right until the end. The film does a great job at embedding some good humor in the middle of the film to offset the redundancy of certain scenes that are necessary to get you to understand the repetition of Cage’s days.
It’s truly a cinematic marvel is a blockbuster in ever since of the word. The special effects are second to none. They accentuate the story and take the enjoyment of it to another level. It’s everything that the trailers show and more. If you took some of the aspects from some of the better science fiction films then you could have this film. It’s one part Terminator, one part Looper, and one part Aliens, all mingle together with a creative idea that gives you this film. You clearly don’t want to blink as its fast paced action will pass you by.
The acting is first rate. The pairing of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is nearly perfect. They have fantastic chemistry. Cruise is as good as ever. Edge of Tomorrow affords Cruise the opportunity to stray away from the usual hero roles that he has come to be known for. While this is the same type of film and role, (William Cage) is not the natural hero that he often portrays in most of his film. In EOT, he has to go thru the process of becoming that character. This allows for a more humble and human character than his last few outings. Despite Cruise's age, he plays this role well. Even though its another physical role, its managed very well and looks believable. Emily Blunt clearly stakes her claim on the next great action heroine in film. Her character of Rita Vrataski will be instantly on cult status and will surely fuel debates when compared to other sci-fi heroines like Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley and Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor. Vrataski is as bad if not badder in a lot of ways. Bill Paxton makes a good addition to the cast as Master Sgt. Farrell. He has a number of entertaining scenes as the Jar head master Sargent that welcomes Cage to the first day of enlistment. Sci-fi fans will recognize him as he once costarred in another great sci-fi movie, Aliens.
Edge of Tomorrow is one of the best films to be released this year. It has all of the elements that are necessary for a big blockbuster. It’s a one of a kind sci-fi action blockbuster that makes movies worth going to. Cruise and Blunt make a great tandem. It’s easily one of the top five movies of the year. Do yourself a huge favor and make your way to see Edge of Tomorrow Today!