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Movie Review: 'Bad Milo!' (2013)-Netflix streaming roulette

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Bad Milo!


This is the ninth in a series of 'Netflix streaming roulette' reviews. Austin horror examiner Michael Taylor reviews the first horror(ish) movie off 'Netflix' streaming that he's never seen before. Wish him luck.

When I saw the description of 'Bad Milo!' in my Netflix Streaming browser, I figured it had a 50/50 chance of being watchable; "A man has so much stress that a creature has grown inside his digestive tract -- and pops out now and then to kill whoever's causing him problems."

What I didn't count was how immediately gratifying the concept of 'Bad Milo!' is. It's ludicrously simple and scatological, but the concept of a monster that emerges from the bowels of its owner like a miniature Hulk is the perfect horror comedy recipe.

Solid comedic actor Ken Marino ('Children's Hospital) plays Duncan; a man stressed by working for an unscrupulous boss (the delightfully smarmy Patrick Warburton), and his wife('Community's' Gillian Jacob's) and mother's (Mary Kay Place) pressure on him to start a family.

But his stress causes evil Milo to emerge from his innards, striking out subconsciously at those Duncan feels threatened by.

Through the help of a loopy therapist (Peter Stormare), Duncan tries to control his inner demon, but life just won't let him.

From the film's madcap musical score to its delightfully low-fi special effects, 'Bad Milo' is a love letter to 80's gross-out horror comedies like 'Basket Case'. Director Jacob Vaughan has a clear mastery of how to navigate through gross-out humor without wallowing in it, and it keeps a light tone throughout.

So as long as you're expectations are low, and in you're for a good chuckle and some jump-scares, 'Bad Milo!' will suit you just fine.

'Bad Milo!' is Rated-R and runs 84 minutes.


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