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Movie Review: 'Bad Milo!' (2013)-Netflix streaming roulette

Bad Milo!


This is the ninth in a series of 'Netflix streaming roulette' reviews. Austin horror examiner Michael Taylor reviews the first horror(ish) movie off 'Netflix' streaming that he's never seen before. Wish him luck.

Ken Marino and his progeny in 'Bad Milo!'
Ken Marino and his progeny in 'Bad Milo!'

When I saw the description of 'Bad Milo!' in my Netflix Streaming browser, I figured it had a 50/50 chance of being watchable; "A man has so much stress that a creature has grown inside his digestive tract -- and pops out now and then to kill whoever's causing him problems."

What I didn't count was how immediately gratifying the concept of 'Bad Milo!' is. It's ludicrously simple and scatological, but the concept of a monster that emerges from the bowels of its owner like a miniature Hulk is the perfect horror comedy recipe.

Solid comedic actor Ken Marino ('Children's Hospital) plays Duncan; a man stressed by working for an unscrupulous boss (the delightfully smarmy Patrick Warburton), and his wife('Community's' Gillian Jacob's) and mother's (Mary Kay Place) pressure on him to start a family.

But his stress causes evil Milo to emerge from his innards, striking out subconsciously at those Duncan feels threatened by.

Through the help of a loopy therapist (Peter Stormare), Duncan tries to control his inner demon, but life just won't let him.

From the film's madcap musical score to its delightfully low-fi special effects, 'Bad Milo' is a love letter to 80's gross-out horror comedies like 'Basket Case'. Director Jacob Vaughan has a clear mastery of how to navigate through gross-out humor without wallowing in it, and it keeps a light tone throughout.

So as long as you're expectations are low, and in you're for a good chuckle and some jump-scares, 'Bad Milo!' will suit you just fine.

'Bad Milo!' is Rated-R and runs 84 minutes.