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Movie Review: 'About Last Night' stars Ealy, Hall as funny as Kevin Hart

"About Last Night" movie


The record-breaking amount of tickets sold for "Ride Along" already proved Kevin Hart was funny, along with a few stand-up comedy DVDs "Let Me Explain," "Laugh at My Pain" and "Seriously Funny," and a fake reality show "Real Husbands of Hollywood."

Actors Kevin Hart (L) and Michael Ealy arrive at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival Premiere of Screen Gems' "About Last Night" at the Cinerama Dome Theatre on February 11, 2014 in Los Angeles.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
 (L-R) Actors Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart arrive at the Pan African Film & Arts Festival Premiere of Screen Gems' 'About Last Night' at the Cinerama Dome Theatre on February 11, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

But it takes a special type of woman to be able to go toe-to-toe with a comedian like this in the romantic comedy remake of "About Last Night." And even though Regina Hall played the love interest (Candace) of TV show host Terrence Jenkins' character Michael in the 2012 film "Think Like a Man," viewers still knew Hall was funny around Hart from watching her during interviews like this one. It was easy to believe she'd do well as Joan in the Valentine's Day film.

Some women bring out the sex appeal in comedians, such as Judith Scott, who played the love interest of the late Bernie Mac's character Percy Jones in the 2005 remake of "Guess Who."

But in the Valentine's Day remake of 1986's "About Last Night," Hall shot for straight-up comedy with Kevin Hart's character Bernie and succeeded. Hart has already bragged on talk shows, such as "Ellen," about several sex scenes in the film. And yes, there are sex scenes. Strange ones that (literally) include chickenheads. And there's a level of funny that must be recognized to pull off these wacky stunts.

The plot of "About Last Night" is nothing new: Two people date and introduce their mutual, lonely friends to each other. Bernie and Joan break up, and Danny (played by Michael Ealy) and Debbie (played by Joy Bryant) fall madly in love with each other. They work their way from sex buddies to a relationship to moving in together and wonder have they moved too fast or is this relationship real.

The beauty of this film is since there's so much comedy involved, it's almost impossible for the film to be considered too sappy for guys. But even if it is, the film came out on Valentine's Day so many guys had to bite the bullet and see the film anyway. Hart being in the film probably softened the initial bias, but seeing the film could make male and female moviegoers want to come back for a repeat visit.

While Michael Ealy is notorious for playing the brooding, sexy actor (without even trying to be), his role in the 2012 comedy TV show "Common Law" proved he had a surprisingly good comedic side. There were moments in the romantic comedy where he was as funny as Hart and Hill, specifically when Danny embraced the role of Ike Turner at a costume party.

Even Bryant showed off a little bit of her funny side during a Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong. What works for this film is all of the actors are believable, cute enough to earn those "awe" moments and fun enough to want the couples to succeed. Dog lovers' hearts will do an extra thump-thump halfway through the film, too. Overall, it's worth a Valentine's Day date and beyond.

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