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Movie Review: 22 Jump Street: Teenage the freak up, again!

22 Jump Street


Da’Mon Guy
In the modern state of film making, remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings are more prevalent than ever. Consequently, in spite of the high number of film that are one of the three, there are very that are actually successful. There are even fewer remakes that are successful enough to spurn a sequel. And yet there are even less that are actually successful and then have a good sequel let alone become a franchise. 22 Jump Street may be the first film franchise to break the mold and become the one of the few film franchises to find success after using a prior popular property as its foundation for origin.
22 Jump Street is the hilarious continuance of the redefining of the classic 80’s cop show. This jocular manifestation is the second stint for the buddy cop duo, Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) who mask themselves as youth to combat crime in the war against drugs. The movie stars Channing Tatum (Side Effects), Jonah Hill (This is The End), Ice Cube (Ride Along), Nick Offerman (We’re The Millers), Peter Stormare (Pain and Gain), Wyatt Russell (Cowboys and Aliens), Amber Stevens (The Amazing Spiderman), Jillian Bell (Bridesmaids), and The Lucas Brothers (The Lucas Brothers Moving Co). With appearances by Queen Latifah (Steel Magnolias), Dave Franco (Neighbors), Rob Riggle (The Internship), Dustin Nguyen (Little Fish), and Richard Grieco (House is Not a Home).
Synoposis: “After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.” (
22 Jump Street succeeds where most sequels fails. It creatively embellishes on the fact that this is a sequel. It doesn’t change the formula. 22 is nearly the same as 21, it blatantly follows the exact same formula for the first one. It doesn't attempt to mask it. 22 Jump Street embraces it. The film pays homage to the television show in a number of ways. From the outset, it has an episodic fee and it begins like an episode of from the television show. This one picks up right after the events of the first. It has hilarious opening moments that show despite the experience of the first film, Jenko and Schmidt still need the jump street program as much as it needs them. This one features a role reversal for Schmidt and Jenko. This time around there is popularity for Jenko and Schmidt is reduced to back to his more familiar outcast role.
One of the biggest aspects that made the television show what it used to be is the fact that it was always socially conscious. The movies are as well, even if it isn’t as obvious as the show used to be. The film still manages to focus on social issues that plague today’s youth. The most glaring difference between the movies and the television show is the tone of both. The films take a far more comedic approach to addressing the issues whereas the television was more dramatic. In spite of the comedic approach to remaking the series, 22 Jump is much like the original series. The movie still manages to maintain deliver that element in the way that the youth of today can relate. It addresses drugs, homosexuality, booty calls, and even relationships. This one makes an overwhelming effort to address and define relationships and the many versions of them.
The cast of Jump Street is what makes the whole thing work. Much like the television series, this cast has great chemistry. The film makes a smart move by establishing continuity. It brings back nearly every essential member from the first film. In addition to Tatum and Hill, Ice Cube is also back. Dickson's foul mouth and timely combination of attitude and use of obscenities are more hilarious than ever. He has an expanded role and really helps to take the humor of the film to another level. Cube is as funny as the first and much better in his expanded role as Captain Dickson. Steve Riggle makes a great return in his limited appearance.
22 Jump Street has a lot going up against it. It's not the first one that had no expectations and crept up on everyone. This one had the decked stacked against in addition to the success of the first film. 22 Jump is as good as 21 Jump Street. It’s easily the funniest movie of the summer and maybe 2014. Despite the lack of originality in this sequel, the film shows that what worked in the first film is done over in the new one. The movie does what every good sequel should. The movie has a couple of scenes that will surely make this an instant classic for a long time coming. The dinner and the Captain’s office are simply hilarious. There are some of the best moments of the movie. It also does a good job at connected generations. While much of the film is made for today’s twenty something generation; the film implements a number of references that the older generation will relate to. Finally, the end credits are simply hilarious. The bottom line is that If you liked the first one then you will love this one. It’s not a film that will make you love it if you didn’t enjoy the first one. However, this one is one of the few films that matches the first one in a series. After seeing 22 Jump Street, one can only hope for another. The comedy is great and is a must see.

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