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Movie Review: 2012 UK's film EVERYDAY

United Kingdom film: EveryDay


United Kingdom’s film Everyday depicts the life of a working mother and her children who must continue without a husband/father while he serves time for drug smuggling. The result of his foolish actions places a huge burden for Karen who now must rely on her income and patience to care for herself and the children. Director, Writer Michael Winterbottom and Laurence Coriat has received several critically acclaim awards for this 90 minute movie. Audiences will connect scenes from this movie as a weary overworked mother, Karen, played by Shirley Henderson, performs her regimen of feeding, dressing and taking the children to school all the while paying daily visits to her imprisoned husband. As Karen awaits for her husband Ian’s release, played by John Simm, wonders if the family will ever be the same again. Can this working class family keep everyone together during this ordeal? Can they remain faithful?

Characters Ian and Karen embrace and say good bye

Karen and the children everyday get up before the crack of dawn to prepare for the day. By the time the sun is out, Karen is on her second train ride heading towards the city of London where Ian awaits for their conjugal visits. All throughout the movie, the strain over the lack of help from her husband caring for the children takes its toll on her and results in an act of infidelity with a local man. Unaware of her actions, Ian smothers his family with love and attention as much as he can under the circumstances and is emotionally crushed as they depart from him. John Simm portrayal of Ian’s love is most convincing who deeply regrets being away from his family. Shirley Henderson’s performance never really explains her feelings of loneliness or abandonment made her indulge with another man.

The film’s location in Norfolk England, UK. has the most beautiful scenery as it depicts the unforeseen moments of life - Always unpredictable. The film warrants your attention and is overall a decent film to watch. Abit long to bring the story to light but a good familiar story nonetheless. Produced by Revolution Films and distributed by Image Entertainment and is now available on DVD or Blu Ray.

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