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Move On: a review for Non-Stop

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An Air Marshal must stop a terrorist plot mid-flight while also dealing with his unresolved personal issues.

Opening this weekend is Universal’s Non-stop; a title that was surely meant to convince theatergoers the film would deliver fast paced action, while omitting they would also have to dredge through an impossible and ridiculous story for it. Open plot-holes and text book dialog stifle any chance this film has once the action starts. Though, the action is comically inordinate anyway, which leaves viewers with an all-around regretful experience. Being another notch in Liam Neeson’s coincidently-overly-prepared-tough guy belt, audiences may also be bored by what appears to be the same character Neeson has played for the last six years or so.

While Director Jaume Collet-Serra did not feel the need to waste time with unprecedented special effects to win over the crowd, he did make attempts at novel approaching to on screen conversations; By the end, this turns into a running joke everyone except the filmmakers get. Non-stop is at best a renter.