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Mouse like a human--this ergonomic mouse saves your arms for under $20

Perixx Perimice Vertical Mouse


Are you a human?

The bottom of the Perimice. Note the on/off switch and the slot for the dongle. Careful not to lose the dongle! It's the wireless receiver and the mouse is useless without it.
Chris Hugh
It fits the natural orientation of your arm
Chris Hugh

Quick--lay your hands gently on you desk.

Did you place your hands rigidly palm-down, in perfect position for a standard mouse?

Of course not. When you lay your hands gently before you, they rest on their outer edges/pinkies, with the palms open and angled down. So you can do stuff with them. That is the natural position for human hands.

Unnatural positions are...unnatural

Unnatural arm positions set you up for repetitive stress injuries. Don't do a kama sutra with your hands, get a mouse that respects your arm's natural "orientation" and you're that much closer to health. Well, as close as you can be as you sit inside gazing at glowing rectangles all day long.

Enter the Perimice-713 Ergnomic Vertical Mouse

If you want to use your mouse without doing The Twist with your wrist, this $15 baby is for you. The setup is easy. There's a little dongle/receiver that you plug into a USB port. Then you put the batteries in the mouse and turn it on. That's it. The setup was seamless on both a PC and a Mac.

What's good about this vertical mouse?

  • It lets you use the mouse with your hand at a natural angle.
  • It's cheap! Around $15 on
  • It sets up seamlessly on a PC or Mac.
  • It's wireless.

What's bad about it?

  • The mouse buttons are a little harder to press than the ones on a typical mouse. If you've already got a repetitive strain injury, that's something to consider. The Evoluent mouse might be a better alternative in that case. The Evoluent is very similar to the Perimice, but the buttons are easier to press. It also comes in a left-hand version, but the left-hand one isn't wireless.

Is there anything extra cool about it?

  • There's a little button on it (the DPI button) that you can use to change how fast the mouse will move on your screen.
  • The scroll wheel is convenient and easy to use. You get to use your middle finger in a non-obscene way for once!
  • Ooh, it's German. But made in China. Of course.

What to watch out for

  • If you lose that tiny dongle/receiver (fairly easy to do, ask me how I know), your mouse is useless. It is not possible to buy a replacement because each dongle is specifically calibrated to the particular mouse it comes with. Or, in the charming language of the Perimice's homeland as employed by their customer support, "Maus und Dongle sind aufeinander abgestimmt. Eine Verbindung mit einem anderen Dongle ist nicht möglich."
  • There is a little place in the bottom of the mouse where you can store the dongle if you need to transport the mouse somewhere. The dongle doesn't fit in tightly, so be careful it doesn't fall out.
  • The mouse conserves battery power by going to sleep after about five minutes of disuse. You just need to click a button to wake it up again. This isn't a bad thing, just something to be aware of.
  • Unfortunately, it only comes in a right-hand version.
  • There have been some problems in the past with the scroll wheel. It seems like this issue has been taken care of, but if your scroll wheel doesn't feel right, exchange your unit right away. (As a side note, don't forget you can change how fast the scroll moves using the Control Panel on your PC.)

Here are some other wireless vertical mouses/mice with good ratings

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