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Mountain Mama: Lone Tree Brewing Company

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It’s August, the kids are back in school, the family vacations are all over, and the blockbuster movies are starting to wind down. But it’s still summer. And it’s still hot. Even though autumn is just around the corner and even though breweries are already putting out their fall seasonals, beer geeks still need to keep cool with a nice, light, refreshing beer before the leaves begin to change. That beer with which Colorado can tide itself over is Mountain Mama Golden Lager (5.3% ABV), a Helles from Lone Tree Brewing Company.

Color: As clear as a newly washed pane of glass, Mountain Mama is a light golden color like Champagne or pale apple juice. Fleeting but fluffy foam crowns the beer with pure whiteness.

Aroma: “Sweet” and “malty” are the first attributes that come to mind when taking in Mountain Mama’s scents. There’s a corn-like quality to the nose along with an almost-nonexistent lemon zest. Also swirling about is a flowery, nectar fragrance. It’s an all-around delicate-smelling brew.

Taste: With no bitter flavors at all, Mountain Mama showcases its sweet malt body and bread-like backbone. There’s a lemony characteristic to the beer; not a citric bitter nor an acidic sourness, simply a faint lemon flavor. With hardly any aftertaste, Mountain Mama takes subtlety to the extreme.

Mouthfeel: An oily slickness and a touch of viscosity make Mountain Mama a little thicker than one might first suspect. It’s still rather thin, all things considered, but, for a beer with such a light appearance, it’s certainly more than meets the eye. Despite its relative heft, Mountain Mama finishes dry.

Soak it in, Colorado; while the sweltering heat may seem unbearable now, it’s only a matter of weeks before people start complaining about the cold. Enjoy the sun’s oppressive rays, the beads of sweat that coalesce and soak through t-shirts, and the tan lines because, with an easy-drinking Mountain Mama in hand, taking pleasure in such inhospitable climes is entirely possible.