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Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area - A Pocket Naturalist Guide

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Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area - A Pocket Naturalist Guide


A Pocket Naturalist Guide to the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area

Published by Waterford Press, 2012, $6.95

The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area (MBWA) is so named because it encompasses 11,000 acres of protected lands to form a “bridge” between the two Greenville, SC watersheds. Today, the MBWA includes both Caesar’s Head State Park and Jones Gap State Park.

For anyone interested in hiking the 50 miles of trails in this part of the South Carolina mountains needs to have this guide. It is laminated and folds to be carried for trail use. Given its compact size, it contains an extraordinary amount of information about MBWA.

Front side. A detailed map containing:

  • Topography with 40-foot contour lines.
  • Display of all roads and trails.
  • Identification and length of trails.
  • Trail difficulty listing along with hiking times.

Back side. A field guide with color illustrations, data, scientific and common names for plants and animals you can encounter in the MBWA:

  • Trees and shrubs.
  • Wildflowers.
  • Reptiles and amphibians.
  • Song birds.
  • Birds of prey.

Quite frankly, the map is worth the price just for the topo map. All the other information is just icing on the cake. You can purchase the guide at either of the state park headquarters.