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Mount Vernon treated to full night of hard rock with Bobaflex and friends

Bobaflex @ Legend's Sports Bar in Mount Vernon, OH 7/11/14


Mt. Vernon, OH was treated to a show last night at Legend’s Sports Bar that was highlighted by regional heavyweights Bobaflex. There were also a few local bands that opened up the evening.

The first of which were the freshly signed guys from Bad Remedy (formerly Error 504). This group hails from the small town of Lucas and is currently out promoting their single “Whiskey Running” and their first EP. I first saw them at the 2013 Rock on the Range festival and they’ve since been on the road, playing Rocklahoma this past May. Their set last night unfortunately was pretty short but it did include a blistering version of their single and cool covers of Avenged Sevenfold and Lamb of God. I picked up their EP and will be getting a review out as soon as I have a chance to dissect it. Check out their video for the single here.

F-Bomb followed and was an interesting band, to say the least. Made up of rock veterans, their brand of rock was heavy and gritty. You could almost compare it to Bon Scott era AC/DC but a little bit heavier. I didn’t know any of their original material but it wasn’t bad. My highlights though, were their covers of “Pretty F***** Up” and Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

The last opening band was Autumn Burning. They played a pretty full set of original material and had the crowd pretty engaged in their songs. By this point, a sold out crowd of over 700 folks had made their way into the venue. Their sound is hard to describe other than calling it modern rock. They were pretty good and I wouldn't mind seeing them again.

Shortly after that, Bobaflex hit the stage. I really don’t understand why this band isn’t bigger than they are on a national scale. Their catalog is so much stronger than a lot of other bands that have garnered more attention over the past five years. I don’t get it. Nonetheless, they brought it like they always do. I was always told, growing up, that Lynyrd Skynyrd was the hardest working band out there; and they are a very hard working band. They still relentlessly tour to this day. Bobaflex, though, is waving that same banner pretty hard. It seems that these guys are on the road at all times. I was pretty late to the Bobaflex fan club, not really a fan of the “Turn The Heat Up” era stuff, but since I started really digging into their back catalog a few years ago I've found a band that works harder than any other established band that I know of. They tour relentlessly, and largely ignore the larger markets like Columbus and Cleveland. Yeah, they will play the Al Rosa when they are through Columbus but you are more likely to find them playing the Marion’s and Mount Vernon’s of the United States than you are to see them in big cities. They haven’t forgot their roots, though, and actually seem to prefer playing to intensely packed crowds that know the lyrics to their entire set list; not just the latest single. As always, they made sure to highlight the new material while not abandoning the classics. “Last Song” needs to find its way back into the set though!

Bobaflex Set List July 11, 2014 Mount Vernon, OH

1. Chemical Valley
2. Low Life
3. Rise
4. Strangle You
5. Pretty Little Things
6. Never Comin’ Back
7. Vampire
8. Slave
9. Bad Man
10. Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver cover)
11. Home
12. Losing My Mind
13. Blackbird (Beatles cover)
14. Sound of Silence ( Simon and Garfunkel cover)
15. Bury Me With My Guns On
16. I’m Glad You’re Dead

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