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Mount Salem- Endless (2014 Metal Blade Records)

Mount Salem - Endless
Mount Salem - Endless
Metal Blade Records

Mount Salem- Endless


Chicago's Mount Salem offering of Endless is a gift that should be cherished by doom and metal purists with open arms.Think of a time in the early seventies, a time where Black Sabbath and their massive riffs crushed your very soul with every listen. Mount Salem have that classic sound, while keeping everything organic and not trying to replicate the past. Straight up powerful riffage, soulful, powerful vocals, and the power to jam their collective asses off.

Mount Salem came together, and each member left their respective comfort zones and picked up new instruments and responsibilities within the band.Endless starts off with the powerful Good Times with organ and nasty riffs in full effect, but also has that dead man walking, old west, and blues sound to it. The album moves seamlessly to each song, with a Sabbath/Pentagram vibe on Mescaline II. Clean beautiful vocals backed with the dirty doom riffs, and well mapped out drum and bass lines that keep the time in this doom march!

Overall I give Endless a 10 out of 10. 2014 is shaping up to be an excellent year for metal , and it is only two months old. When you have the chance to pick this masterpiece up, rush to get it however you get your music.Mount Salem have some pretty lengthy songs on Endless, and they all seem like they are a minute, leaving the listener wanting more. Mount Salem have a vintage sound, that will only get better as time passes. Mount Salem will have a place atop the American Doom Mountain for some time to come.


1- Good Times

2- The Tower

3- Lucid

4- Full Moon

5- Mescaline

6- Mescaline II

7- Hysteria

8- The End

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