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'Moulin Rouge'

A film about strong love, passion and an aesthetic return to classic romanticism.


By Julie D. Griffin

Et tandis que la plupart des filles ne s'assoient autour et rêve, Diamond Jewele va de l'avant et fait d'elle-même un fantasme, une étoile, et tout en vivant dans les confins d'un monde de rêve.
20th Century Fox

Paris 1900's ~ Diamond Jeweles while she confesses that she cannot believe that she fell in love with a duke, and with her common ground of entertainment, a kiss on the hand he uses he thinks to free her. A sexy temptress, a French burlesque actress for her day as well, dies of the consumption, in reality turburculossis for the day and for which also for the day there was no cure. And while most girls only sit around and dream, Diamond Jewele just goes ahead and makes of herself a fantasy, a star, and while living within the confine of a dream world she may never leave, the way she inspires so many others, who without much gratitude, this indeed is the greatest drama tragedy alive on the face of the earth today.

A real star, after she by mistake thrills a poor and broke writer man, overlooking a prince by error, does not seem to give her heart at all to the rich man, a bloke. A chilling confessional and a few months later, as Diamond Jewele advances and retracts, advances and retracts, finally her Moulin Rouge lover becomes the target, a desired victim of the duke as prince. She the one who artfully got rid of her lover in order to save him, finds out that she ends at the end of her life as the fate and not the glory of the frog. He who went to her dressing room to give a poetry reading, unawares the poor writer man as poet and the focus of that what she sold her body for at the time of the meeting of the two lacked some aesthetic and poetic definition, and as the historical perception specific, the classic Broadway style drame français done as a perfect musical form, an infamous love song from every month of the year prior, the story told as ère sung throughout the Moulin Rouge play style performance.

"I am not a duke. I am a writer." A prince, the duke, who walks as if un balai dans le cul bien sculpté, and the pleasure within he promises, he also craves her, but never at all delivers. And as if to say, my dear I love only me, and from the frilling world with silly snags, the man who calls himself duke, barely knows how to understand the terms of Aimez-nous Lift Up Where We Belong let alone the art of love, but as the duke depends on the hold of her by holding the deeds and the monetary value of the Moulin Rouge away from the lovely young actress played by Nicole Kidman, he the writer actually loves the girl, and not the faus paus princed duke, nor the other way around.