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‘Motive’ recap: ‘Raw Deal’ and other injustices

Raw Deal
Raw Deal



Motive” the police drama that gives the “who” first and the “why” later is back on ABC for a second season. The killer, a photographer named Ian, proposes to his girlfriend, Robin Keaton. The victim, Kevin Carpenter, is roaming the street searching for Robin and the next time we see Kevin he’s taking a blood bath in a motel room courtesy of his two slashed wrists. Detective Angie Flynn and her partner Detective Vegan aren’t buying it as a suicide. The cuts were deep enough to reach the bones and that would take a lot of will power and an extraordinary amount of tolerance for pain.

Angie receives a phone call from a Mark Cross but ignores the call. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to ignore the fact that Sgt. Cross will be her new boss. It’s almost painfully obvious that Cross is nowhere near being on Angie’s Christmas card list.
Through flashbacks, we see a nervous looking Ian after he spots Kevin wandering outside of his home. We already know Ian is the killer but we don’t know why. Before his death, Kevin did contact his sister and told her he had something to tell her.

Angie and Vega’s hard work uncovers a few good leads:

1. Kevin apparently knew the late John Chissolm, the father of Robin Keaton’s young son and;
2. John’s death, like Kevin’s, was also staged as a suicide.

Now we get close the why…the motive. What was the connection between Kevin Carpenter and John Chissolm? Angie and Vega call Ian in to the precinct after discovering he doctored one of his photographs in order to establish an alibi for the night of Kevin’s murder. Not only that, phone records show where Kevin had been calling Ian…at his old phone number. You’re running out of lies, Ian.

Bottom line: Ian and Kevin were friends out one night drinking and driving when Ian accidentally hits a jogger…John Chissolm. Kevin came back to town three years later ready to confess and cleanse his conscience. Ian can’t have that. He ain’t ready because he had already met Robin in a suicide support group and actually fell in love with her. Needless to say, the wedding is off.

Watch ‘Motive’ on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM on ABC.