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‘Motive’ recap: ‘Bad Blonde’ crazy blonde

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The bad blonde in this case is one psychotic chick named Heather Williamson who ferociously stabs her bartender boyfriend Jake to death. Immediately afterwards, she calls her best friend and business partner Gordon to help dispose of the body and cover up her crime. They toss Jake’s body inside the trunk of Gordon’s car where it drips blood like a leaky faucet. Bonnie and Clyde these two are not. Jake’s vital fluids leave a trail like bread crumbs and cries out from the ground for justice just as Abel’s blood did all those centuries ago. Jake’s father says his son is a master at choosing the wrong women. Boy, if only daddy knew.

Angie and Flynn find two website profiles for Jake, one of which mentions him being in a relationship with cuckoo-for-cocoa puffs Heather. Angie calls Heather who agrees to come to the station and give a statement. Once again, she drags Gordon into her mess by having him drop her off, using his cell phone (so everything can be traced to him) and eventually leaving Gordon behind to fillet Jake’s body.

Gordon and his wife Kim are having marital woes. Heather is the major reason behind the problem. Heather is cold, calculating, manipulative and cray-cray and knows Gordon has a crush on her. Gordon’s wife could never tie a noose around his neck tighter than the one Heather has fitted him up with. Plus, Gordon tends to hate all of Heather’s boyfriends because they are not him. What kind of foolishness is this? No wonder the marriage is on rocky ground.

Heather’s phone records lead Angie to Gordon. Uh-oh, Angie learns that Gordon recently purchased 20 sheets of plastic and five rolls of duct tape (i.e. do-it-yourself-body-disposal-kit). Kim calls Heather looking for Gordon who missed their marriage counseling session. Naturally, Heather lies. She then calls Gordon to thank him for all of his help and says, “I love you.” Gordon responds back with, “I love you.” Again…foolishness.

Heather makes one more phone call to the police to inform them that she believes her friend (Gordon) had something to do with her missing boyfriend (Jake). Well, that’s a fine howdy-do. Angie and a slew of cops bust in on Gordon with Heather looking on from a distance inside a patrol car. Later, Heather is at the station lying her fool blonde head off.

Here’s the rub. Jake would still be alive if Gordon wasn’t so jealous. He was the one who posted the fake profile with photos of Jake and his former fiancé, sending Heather into a murderous rage. He only helped because he felt guilty. He didn’t expect Heather to off the deep end like that. They deserve each other. If only Jake and Kim had never met Gordon and Heather.

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