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Mossberg ATR™ 100 Long Action Rifle

Mossberg ATR™ 100 Long Action Rifle
Mossberg ATR™ 100 Long Action Rifle

Mossberg ATR™ 100 Long Action Rifle


The Mossberg ATR™ 100 Long Action Rifle with the LBA™ trigger is an American made rifle suitable for any hunter, at a price (MSRP $413) that belies its features and quality.

Caliber .270 or 30-06
Capacity 5
Barrel 22" Fluted
Sights Weaver Style Bases
Scope 3-9 x 40mm Scope
Twist 1:10
Length Of Pull 13.5"
Finish Matte Blue
Stock Synthetic (Black)
Weight 7.75 lb
Overall Length 42.75"

What it really good about this hunting rifle:

The crown is recessed, such that it would be difficult to damage.

The barrel and action have as stated a matte non reflective finish, as do the scope mounts and matching 3-9 x 40mm scope, making it look very nice a complete package, and of course perfect for hunting.

The trigger is from factory incredibly crisp with no creep, is remarkable how nice it is to shoot, and is adjustable, although I doubt anyone would need to make any adjustment as the factory sets it to minimum, the range being 2-7 lbs. The trigger also has another interesting feature, in so much as it has a secondary safety feature much like that of the Glock semi-auto pistol. The inner trigger must be pressed in before the trigger itself will actuate, and if the firearm were dropped or a branch or other object caught just the main trigger, even subsequent pressing of the safety will not fire the gun, it requires a re-cocking of the bolt. This is a added good safety feature.

The barrel is free floated, which this reviewer prefers in a rifle to stop the typical walking up the target that one gets with guns which are not free floating. The barrel also is fluted which by all accounts reduces weight and stiffens the barrel, besides giving it a distinctive interesting look.

The scope comes with see-through rain covers for both front and back.

What is not so great

The forestock has far more flex in it than this reviewer would like to see, due to the flexing that would occur in simply carrying this using an over the shoulder sling type carry, the continual flexing must fatigue the composite material and weaken it, and or cause the action to move in the stock.

The stock is hollow, now this is an asset because of less weight, but this reviewer is just not in love with that hollow sound when tapped or knocked, and the much louder sound it makes when something is scratched along it compared to the same stock in the area of the action or pistol grip. Imagine a twig scraping along it or even a jacket brushing on it as you are trying to make a close quarters sneak on an animal.

The Scope has much to be desired, although a 3-9 x 40mm the first clue to its origin (most probably China) were the spelling and kerning mistakes in the brief little manual on the scope and lack of any known optical manufacturers name. The eye relief is a bit on the short side at the 9 power setting, meaning one has to crawl up the stock a little further.

The recoil pad on the stock, although it looks quite soft as if it would absorb much of the recoil is in fact quite stiff in the middle and as such will not absorb as much as one might think.

More information on Mossberg ATR™ rifles can be found here

The model reviewed was the Black synthetic stock with 3-9 x 40mm, it also is available with Black walnut or Camo finish.

This rifle will be field tested for accuracy in the near future, but at first flush it looks like a very competitive reasonably priced hunting rifle that would be an asset to any hunter.

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