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'More4Play' elicits gales of laughter with five short sexual plays

"More4Play" features the works of four local, Kansas City playwrights in an hour presentation for the Kansas City Fringe Festival 2014.
"More4Play" features the works of four local, Kansas City playwrights in an hour presentation for the Kansas City Fringe Festival 2014.
Courtesy of Kansas City Fringe Festival

"More4Play" at Kansas City Fringe Festival


The third installment of a highly provocative play series for the Kansas City Fringe Festival, “More4Play,” follows the hugely successful “4Play” and “Extended 4Play” from the last two seasons, and this version promises to be an even bigger hit with audiences than its predecessors.

The show highlights the works of four playwrights, each providing a short piece that are stitched together to produce a one hour performance piece. The 2014 offering brings together playwrights Forest Attaway, Teresa Leggard, Frank Higgins, and Schaeffer Nelson, all under the directorial leadership of Scott Cordes and stage manager Kelly Schmidli.

A series of talented actors we their way in and out of the pieces, as the casts change with each selection area. Featured in this production are Jasmine Abou-Kassem, Coleman Crenshaw, Bonnie Griffin, Maya Jackson, Seth Macchi, Nathan Peterson, Matthew Schmidli, Regina Weller, and Meredith Wolfe.

The first playwright, Frank Higgins submitted two short pieces, “Desire” and “99 Ways.” The first was a spoken monologue by Crenshaw that was an academic take on male and female arousal from photo stimuli. The second piece, in the similar vein featured a couple exploring the numbered ways a woman can please her man from a piece in Cosmopolitan magazine. Both were clever and well designed and acted.

Next up, “Fishers of Men,” by Schaeffer Nelson allowed a Bible thumper to meet a voracious homosexual, cruising for his next chance encounter at a shopping mall. Both Peterson and Crenshaw milked this piece for each bit of comedy and honesty available. Frank exchanges brought lots of laughs.

Kansas City’s Teresa Leggard presented “The Birthday.” The piece is a time travel fantasy where a child from the furture comes to visit her “mother-to-be” and encourage her to get off the couch and pro-create so she can be born. The piecs is a new twist on the old time-traveler pieces. It’s very well acted.

Finally, “The Interview” allows the creative mind of Forrest Attaway to let loose with fun and games–this time on a TV set where an interview is about to take place. Abou-Kassem and Macchi go head to head with the on-air interview that should not have taken place. Great work by these two thespians keep the comedy tight and fast paced.

According to KC Fringe, “Four sexy plays by four edgy local playwrights in a great one hour show. If you can last an hour, come join this foursome of arousing plays about love, romance, courtship and sex with multiple organisms. ... four climaxes! Remember, if your attention last for more than four plays, contact a physician.”

The show runs just under an hour and more information and tickets can be found at the KC Fringe website.