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More Than Just a Hair Style

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Paul Mitchell The School Boise


There are rare times when your family has everything they need and you find yourself able to tackle some pampering for yourself. One item that you may have been putting off is having your hair styled. In your fashion, you really don’t want to spend a lot of money. For the price, atmosphere and vibe, you would want to consider Paul Mitchell the School Boise. It is open to the public for students to enhance their training. It is tucked away off of the main road located at 1270 S. Vinnell Way, off of Overland Road.
When you step into the facility, you notice it is very large and bustling with clients of all walks of life, students and instructors. It has a front desk teeming with products just like a professional salon. When you check in, you are asked to sign a waiver reiterating that the services performed are by students and they are under is a teacher’s supervision. Calling ahead for a reservation is recommended and be prepared for at least 1 hour appointment, depending on the services.
There are two levels of students—Phase 1 students are very new and you could potentially be their first client. Phase 2 students are closer to graduating and have had more experience. The prices of services are reflected by what phase you choose, but both are very reasonable and lower than salons. If you want a salon-like atmosphere, you can request to be sent to the section where it is screened off. Otherwise, if you don’t mind bustling activity, where you may see other students are working on mannequin heads, you can opted to be on the main floor.
At the beginning of your appointment, the student will ask to take a before and after picture of you, which will be used in their portfolio. As you sit in the chair, they go over what exactly you want done to your hair and give you a thorough consultation.
As you’re having the treatment done, you may hear loud clapping and happy cheering. When you ask your student hair stylist what’s going on, she/he will inform you that a recent graduate is clocking out for the last time and on their way. If any of your children wanted to choose this career, you could recommend this school. You realize the energy here is a very positive one and you're glad that you can be a part of their experience.