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More mundane American Idol auditions in San Diego

Ashley Robles gave the best audition last night as Idol hit San Diego.
Ashley Robles gave the best audition last night as Idol hit San Diego.

American Idol


I have a confession to make – I did NOT watch American Idol last night. Actually, not too many people did, so Fox has decided to air the show again tomorrow night. Showing this episode on Sunday night was a strange choice. When I first heard about it, I thought, Idol is really a family show, so they’re airing it at 10pm for one of two reasons: a) because they were going to let some of Steven Tyler’s more choice language slip through their bleeps, or b) because they were so desperate for ratings that they hoped the football crowd would stick around for the singing. And I didn’t really think it was choice a). The stupidest part about this was that football games have a tendency to run longer than they’re scheduled for, which is exactly what happened, and 10:45 is not optimal viewing time for Idol-aholics.

So here’s the best I could do for a recap given what I could scrounge up on the internet.

Jennifer Diley tried to repeat the Bikini Girl appeal of Katrina Darrell by wearing barely any clothes to her audition. After some bad jokes about the cameras shooting her butt as she climbed the stairs (really? I thought the ratings ploy last night was putting the show on after the football game, not another mostly naked woman), we got some unclear, throaty tone quality on two songs. Neither impressed the judges.

Ashley Robles was one of the few contestants to really catch my eye. After getting over her shaky start on “I Will Always Love You,” she delivered the song with power and nice vibrato. “You’re gonna be big,” was Steven’s prediction for her. Hollywood: check.

Jayrah Gibson may not have been able to put together a sentence too well (he’s been told he can’t write songs and he can’t sing, so he should stick to being a singer – and no, that is not a typo, that is what he actually said), but he continues to write music. After serenading J. Lo with a song he wrote for her called “Shake Your Money Maker,” he sang a decent version of “Just Friends.” His tone was nasal; however, his vocal runs sounded radio ready. Randy said he’s always looking for someone who’s “ready to make records,” and Jayrah got three yesses. J. Lo, though, hopes to see Jayrah sing something more melodic later on, and if he can’t, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much more of him.

Aubree Dieckmeyer couldn’t remember if she wanted to be an Idol or America’s Next Top Model, but at least she remembered to sing instead of strut her stuff when she entered the audition room. She has an easy, breezy slide to her voice, but there’s no real power. The judges were somewhat mesmerized by her lilt and let her on to the next round.

Ali Shields did a weird rap to start off with. The judges laughed it off and asked for a real song, displaying surprise when Ali could actually “kind of sing a little,” as J. Lo put it. Why you would let someone who can “kind of sing a little” on to Hollywood is slightly beyond me, but off she went with her golden ticket. Another piece of cannon fodder, I’ll go out on a limb and guess.

Kyle Crews, a frat boy, has a nice, average kind of voice. His singing of “Angel of Mine” started off with a nervous shake, but it turned into slightly more confident runs as he went along. Steven’s praise, that Kyle is the best guy they’ve seen so far, seemed excessive. Hollywood: check.

Jane Carrey told us that she’s a ham and loves to be on stage. She must get it from her dad – Jim Carrey. It was slightly jarring to see the child of someone so famous auditioning with the masses, but Jane seems to be pretty humble and have a good head on her shoulders. Her voice has a slight country twang and is adequate, but I’m not sure how much further than the next round she’ll be getting.

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin rounded out the night, starting his audition with CCR’s “Midnight Special.” Jason definitely has something, some quality that I was drawn to. With his first song, I wasn’t sure if he knew what a melody was, but I found myself really hoping that he’d get better. Steven must have read my mind, as he asked for another selection. This time, Jason chose the Johnny Cash classic “Fulsom Prison Blues.” The first verse was much the same as the last song, but he finally took his performance up a notch on the second with gruff, growly, and yet somehow still melodic screams. I don’t think Jason has the greatest voice, but I sense good things in this boy’s future.

If you missed the show and still want to catch it, don’t forget to watch Fox tomorrow at 8 pm.


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